Gotham Academy #12 Review

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Writers: Brenden Fletcher, Becky Cloonan / Artist: Karl Kerschl / DC Comics

12 issues deep, Gotham Academy wraps up its second volume and brings answers to mysteries planted back as early as its debut. And what can we say at this point? This is a fun, charming, beautifully drawn comic. That last part is especially credited to artist Karl Kerschl, and if you finished issue #12, you just read his farewell to the series. He’ll definitely be missed, but he gave us a dozen classics to remember him by and fans should flock to whatever project he works on next.

But enough with the softness! What better way to celebrate the second volume of Gotham Academy and Karl Kerschl riding out in the sunset than with a hype review? Fam, toss me the black duffel with the double desert eagles and cover me with the turret, I’m going in.

Issue 12 ends as promised by solving the mystery of Calamity, and I can’t reveal those spoilers, but it starts off with officer Darryl-from-The-Office in his post-Dunder Mifflin job getting conned by 14-year old. And why was he gettin’ played? Because Maps’ mother listened to Destiny’s Child when she was in the womb and Independent Women didn’t hit #1 on the charts for her to start asking help from cops now.

Nah bruh, Maps went to the stash spot and pulled the C3H8O3 for fake tears! She kept a stash of glycerin, yo! That’s some abnormal foresight, man. Do an audit of the random shit Maps keeps on her for “just in case” scenarios and you’re gonna find more than Batman’s utility belt. Hell, you might find Batman’s utility belt in her yellow backpack in some meta example of oversupplied gadgetry. If somebody asked Maps to empty her pockets it would’ve looked like Jim Carrey in ’94, complete with a signed picture of officer Darryl’s wife.

Olive and Maps run away to find Kyle, and with a little help from Katherine (yeah, poor girl had to take the L again) they break free into the autumn air where somebody pulls up with the whip and the rescue adventure begins!

As the arc wraps up you can bet on a lot of familiar faces, some big reveals, and a surprise or two along the way, but leave it to Gotham Academy to leave some intrigue behind to keep readers in the game. Expect to stick with this series as long as Fletcher and Cloonan are behind the wheel, and look forward to checking out whoever joins team Gotham Academy after Kerschl. They have big shoes to fill.

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