Gotham Academy #7 Review

writers: Becky Cloonan & Brenden Fletcher / artist: Mingjue Helen Chen / DC Comics

We back at the Academy folks, and these ravens on campus have no chill. Maps and Damian – oh yeah, did I mention Damian Wayne just enrolled in the Academy of the Occult with the rest of them? – anyway, they go on an adventure that brings them together through the best magic a stalker could buy. Their hands are glued together, y’all – with wizardry! Somewhere Jorah Mormont is tearing through a Maester’s library trying to find this curse, fam.

And Maps is happy as ever too, missing her ride-or-die Olive but adventuring with the next best thing, Damian Ain’t-Been-Taught-How-To-Keep-Secrets-Yet Wayne. Real talk, Damian as bad at keeping secrets as Randall Weems. Damian wouldn’t last a minute in the dope game, dude would be asking his goons to set up place settings for 2 and a floral centerpiece for his date at the stash house. Damian Wayne about to be up in Rachel Dolezal’s mentions with genuine #AskRachel questions about social camouflage. But I digress.

Maps and Damian anchor issue #7 with cameos from Ms. Macpherson, her Doberman Ham, and appearances from some of the rest of the gang. This is the most Maps-centric issue to date, so without giving spoilers we have to highlight a couple moments of awesomeness: That time Maps saw a grapple gun and went Boyz-II-Men On Bended Knee with the cannon, and that other time Maps went full fuck-yo-couch on Damian’s hand. Maps, this is why we love you.

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 7.27.30 PM

The art in this one is without Kerschl on the track, but Chen is definitely an ample stand-in who captures the tone of the characters very well. Issue #7 has the comedy, action, and charm that are the standard for the title, and Gotham Academy continues to be a pull-list must-have.

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