Green Lantern Corps #36 Review

Writer: Van Jensen
Art: Bernard Chang

The New Gods are still running round flexing on the universe. We see John having to play mediator with Sinestro, his own corps, and the indigo corps. John is fed up. Soranik tries to get him to open up about the Fatality situation but John isn’t ready for that yet. All the corps need to all work together, the plan becomes rescuing the Zamorans and their violet corps. The Weaponer of Qward forges some weapons (that are able to stand up to the New gods) that utilizes the white light. In the thick of the rescue we see Zamorans getting that ass whooping. The corps show up, keeping the enemy at bay but get captured. It is suggested that John wear the ring of the Violet’s to get them out of the jam by utilizing their love tethers for transport. John is hesitant until he learns that Fatality’s feelings for John were amplified, not created by the ring. This put’s John at rest and you know what happens next…

Screenshot 2014-11-13 00.28.06

Another cross over segment down and we are from the end. It’s hard to get excited about the current direction of GLC but I am hoping that once this cross over event is done, John can get thing situated with Fatality. I do like seeing more of John in the driver’s seat of a book. Hopefully his role increases in this event as well.

***It was also said by a Zamoran that the violet light hasn’t accepted a male before to bear the ring. Pretty sure Guy Gardner was rocking the violet ring and the red ring way back when they had to destroy the power battery on Oa pre-New 52. Perhaps she meant under these circumstances***


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