Grimm Recap: Bad Night

Season 5/ Episode 20 / NBC

This week’s episode started off exactly where The Taming of the Wu left off: Nick has just read Adalind’s letter. My dude loses; he’s throwing and breaking stuff. His stuff. In his house. So he’s clearly not thinking straight.

He calls Hank, but Hank’s phone is in Hank’s jacket pocket hanging on a chair in traitorous-ass Zuri’s kitchen while Hank and Zuri… convene in the other room. So Nick is not getting any help from him.

Across town, Adalind arrives (via multiple cabs) at Casa de Black Claw with Kelly in tow. Her and Renard play that time honored game of exes, “let’s name the effed up shit you did” while they wait for Diana to arrive. Renard is hard to read here: he acknowledges that he’s not in control, acts tough about how he’ll deal with Nick, and says he’ll treat Kelly like his own son.

At about the exact moment Renard is tryna claim his son, Nick is driving erratically to Renard’s house. Which is so empty. Tumbleweed blowing across the wide-plank floors empty. So he doesn’t know where Renard lives and Renard doesn’t know where he lives. And yet, they work about 10 feet from each other. This should be good.

Since the title let us know that everyone is going to have a bad night, let’s visit Wu. He’s in bed, not sleeping, remembering killing a man with his bare hands. So he does what anyone would do: gets up and tries to force himself to woge. When it doesn’t work, he starts throwing and breaking stuff. His stuff. (For those of you keeping track, tantrums this episode: 2). But it works! He manages to woge and then he manages to control it. That meditation class at the police academy really came in handy I guess.

Rosalee and Monroe are at home in their jammies being adorable. Rosalee was giving Monroe that “I’m going to bed and if you’re smart, you are too” talk when Nick’s ruining ass knocks on the door with the update about Adalind (and Kelly) disappearing. They stop Nick from storming back out into the night and doing something reckless. Like finding and killing Renard. Instead they convince him to go to HW, but since they are all obviously being followed, they separate. Nick goes out the front and they go through the woods in the back.

The complete opposite of Nick’s panic is the comfy, cozy fireside reunion of Adalind and Diana (who, by the way, levitates her new little brother). I do not like this kid.

Nick tricks the two Wesen who were following him. By “tricks,” I mean kills. My man is really working through his abandonment issues by just collecting bodies.

At HW, Trubel fills Nick, Monroe, and Rosalee in on the Diana situation (her caretakers in Nevada were killed by Portland-based Black Claw operatives). Meisner and Eve give them a breakdown of the BC structure; surprise, surprise, Renard is moving on up. Eve tells Nick about the Diana/Adalind/Eve telepathy incident. Nick is on some “When we riding?” but Meisner is pretty vague, so the ever brash Trubel steps in like “We know where he’s at. We know Diana is there. And Adalind is there. And Kelly is there. And. And. And.” But Meisiner tells him straight up if Nick goes in all guns and guts, then he’s going to die and his kid is going to be raised by Black Claw.

And then we get the “it cuts so deep” moment: Nick is not really wanting to calm down, but he knows it’s the right thing to do to keep Kelly safe and maybe even get him back. Eve says, “They will expect you to be emotional and they will take advantage of that.” Nick answers, “That’s easy for you to say; he’s not your kid.” Eve, with her dead eyes, simply says, “No, he’s not.” And in the background “Love Shoulda Brought You Home Last Night” starts playing. Welp, that hurt.

Nick, Monroe, and Rosalee leave without another word. The second they leave Trubel is advocating for Nick, but Meisner tells her to keep an eye on Nick instead.

Across town, Zuri is using her post-coital bliss, to creep downstairs, steal Hank’s phone, and give it to the sketchy creeper with a few broken fingers waiting outside. When she comes back to bed, Hank is up like “Where was you?” She gives him a line about turning up the heat. This chick. Outside, Creeper is in his car copying all of Hank’s information from the phone to a computer.

Renard and Adalind tuck the demon child into bed and then inexplicably pause outside the door to hold hands. WTF? Oh it’s just their powerful and evil kid trying to get her parents back together. Adalind is not into it at all and walks away. Renard follows her and pulls the wirst thing: he asks her about loving Nick and in the next breath loosens his tie in a very aggressive “well we are in the bedroom and we did used to have some good times” way. Adalind hexenbeists a vase at his head because no means no, muhfucker. It is so disappointing when good abs go bad.

When Trubel shows up at Nick’s, she is ready to go to war with Nick. But all the sense that everyone has tried to talk into him all night worked; he doesn’t want to risk Kelly. So it’s odd the Renard calls wanting to meet him at the police station (neutral ground).

That meeting doesn’t really go well. Renard starts in on how a violent and primitive Wesen-run world is the only way to progress and there is room for enlightened Grimms like Nick. Um… nope. He tries to convince Nick that Adalind and Kelly are better off with Black Claw. And, I repeat: um… nope.

At Zuri’s place, Creeper Hacker dude is returning Hank’s phone to his jacket when Hank interrupts him. Antics ensue. Creeper woges. Hank subdues him and calls it in to the cops. Zuri is trying for that Oscar with her surprise and fear at the burglary.

Hank, to his credit, has a bad feeling about the breakin; nothing was stolen, so that’s weird. He checks out the car and finds the laptop (and a drugstore’s worth of pills, 17 license plates, and a dead cat). He brings the computer back to the station. They get an ID from the fingerprints though: Anthony “Tony” Telemonte. Hmmmm, a Wesen drug addicted hacker named Tony with 5 broken fingers on his hand. Hmmm, indeed.

Trubel can’t believe it when Nick tells her that Renard tried to recruit him. She’s even more confused by the magical stick that Nick (finally) shows her. He makes her promise not to tell Meisner or anyone at HW. Trubel is unimpressed so Nick tells her about Monroe’s blood poison magic healing stick incident. He shows her where it’s hidden and gives her the “You’re a Grimm and we die a lot so if I die, this is your inheritance” pep talk.

She heads back to HW Headquarters just in time for us to get the low-key Mayoral race update (nearly tied with a few hours left in the polls). She’s angry and wants to do something – like kill Wesen. Eve follows her to the armory to talk. Uncharacteristically, Eve asks if Nick blames Adalind. She seems a little disappointed when Trubel says “no” and asks if Eve blames Adalind. And then what Juliette thinks. We can almost seem the cool tortured into submission facade cracking when she said, “I don’t go there; too dangerous.” I see you, Eve.

At the station, Hank and Nick trade details about their shitty nights. (People who have offered to kill Renard for Nick: 2). The two of them come up with a plan for interrogating Tony and figuring out if he’s a simple criminal or part of Back Claw. It boils down to this: if he woges, simple and if he doesn’t, Black Claw.

We already know he is, so they end up going to the Spice Shop to look at the books to see if Hank can identify what kind of Wesen he is. When Rosalee see the drawing of the Wesen and hears that his name is Tony, she knows it’s her Tony.

Wu interrupts this revelation with one of his own. He got Tony’s computer open and found all of Hank’s phone info; this may have been the scariest part of the episode. All the texts, though? All of them? [shudders].

It doesn’t take long to figure out that Zuri was connected. To get to the truth, Nick shows up at her house and tells her that she’s got to go into protective custody because the burglar (her friend Tony) was after Hank and she’s in danger. Nick goes to wait outside while she packs, She, of course, calls Bonaparte. So when Hank rolls up behind her, it’s kind of hard to deny. After woging and getting knocked out by Hank, Zuri wakes up tied to a chair at HW. We know where this is going.

At Black Claw’s heavily guarded mansion, the whole evil crew is waiting for the election results. Bonaparte is trying to get Adalind to give up Nick’s location. Rachel is giving Renard the bedroom eyes. Diana is seeing that and plotting; I don’t even like Rachel, but run girl, run.

And then, Renard wins the election and Nick has all the feelings about that.

So many questions: Is Diana going to succeed in getting her parents back together? Will she kill Rachel before or after this happens? How long will Zuri be mouthless, eyeless, and earless before she sings like boy band? What the hell does that magic stick do? Have Rosalee and Monroe ever consummating their marriage or does Nick just keep interrupting?

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  • Zarani Barrow (@twitwhileblack)

    Nick about to go on that grind. Friday night, Imma be at home with the baby oil for that shit.

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