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This week’s episode starts where last week’s left off: the entire crew is gathered around the keys and map they create. They’re not sure what they are looking for or if the keys they do have (remember that they are still missing 2) point to it.

Nick flashes back (thank you expositional reminder) to a conversation he had with his mom about the seven keys and the seven knights (Grimms) who fought for seven royal families during the crusades. The treasure should be the spoils of war that the Grimms took from Constantinople.

Through a series of guesses and brainstorming, they come to the conclusion that the treasure is in one of seven churches near the Black Forest. So, Nick and Monroe are off. I mean after that unpredictable Rosalee procures them fake traveling papers.

Safe trip, Honey. Don’t forget your illegally forged paperwork. Mwah!

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Meanwhile on the shady side of Portland, Renard is meeting Rachel Wood to hand deliver incriminating footage of Mayoral candidate Andrew Dixon’s opponent. And, of course, have sex with Rachel.

Speaking of clandestine encounters, when Nick tells Adalind that he is leaving in the morning, antics ensue. By antic, I mean sex.

So in terms of weird after-sex thoughts, Nick is distracted by remember-that-time-Adalind-tried-to-kill-me (and my aunt) thoughts as she’s all sleepy and afterglow-y in bed next to him. So that was awkward.

While they are basking in their complicated history, Trubel, Eve, and Meisner are at HW headquarters attempting to track a Wesen who is always troublingly near deaths, riots, and political unrest. They don’t know who is who exactly; they think he’s Marwan Hanano, but he’s good with disguises so finding him is difficult. They don’t know why he’s in Portland but they are sure it’s not good.

They’re right. He meets with Lucien and a nameless arms dealer to get a long-range gun and scope so he can kill someone and, this is important, hide the fact that it’s a Wesen hit. Hmmm.

Trubel lets Nick know because he might be the target. Or Eve (who is, btw, itching for a fight it would seem). Nick let’s Renard, Hank, and Wu know because he’s headed out of town and they need to know. Since they have his picture, but not his name, Renard puts out an APB.

Two unfortunate bike cops see him. One follows him while the other calls it in. So clearly, the guy who follows him is about to have a bad day. Hanano, a Uhranuti, woges but doesn’t kill him. Instead, he injures the cop and then goes to have a woging pissing contest with Lucien. Hanano wants to leave because the cops are onto him, but Lucien insists that the cops don’t know why Hanano is there or that he’ll be gone in the morning. Evidently the target is important enough to risk it because Hanano decides to go through with it. Just after the camera shows ua a picture we can only assume is his target: Renard.

While Wu and Hank are following up on the assaulted cop, Hanano does a low key home invasion to get in position.

At the same time, Renard and Rachel Wood are on location at a political rally for Dixon. Wood tells Renard to stay on stage after he introduces Dixon. Hmmm.

On the other side of the world, Nick and Monroe visit a church – possibly thee church – where they startle a church mouse Wesen, a Ungeziefer Greifer, who woged and then runs away scared from Nick. Luckily a really creepy priest is on hand to discuss the church history with Nick and Monroe. Turns out the church is too new to be the church they were looking for. The second they leave, creepy priest and church mouse start plotting. That’s when two other men, dressed all in black and looking like a bad idea show up for services. The priest gives them the okay to kill Nick and Monroe. And peace be with you, too, dude.

After getting the disappointing news about the church’s history, Nick and Monroe revisit the map and realize that they might be reading the map wrong. Now they’re headed to the woods outside of town.

In the middle of the night. To dig for secret Grimm treasure. While being hunted by evil Wesen. So we’re in mid-bad decision making time.

The political rally starts just as Hank and Wu realize that the rally is happening near where the cop was attacked. When Renard doesn’t answer his phone, they head to the rally.

At HW, Trudel, Eve, and Mesiner recognize Hanano (using the city’s traffic cam surveillance that they’ve hacked into.) They, too, realize that the rally is his likely target. Mesiner sends Eve to the rally. But he sends Trubel to Santiago. She’s not happy about it.

Renard is introducing Dixon and I’m just waiting for him (and his perfectly sculpted abs) to be shot. Instead, Dixon is the one who gets shot in the heart. Wait, what.

Nick and Monroe are in the forest. There’s no church, but they do find a series of stones that were obviously cut by hand. And as they start to dig… they fall into a tunnel or chamber of some sort. Then… credits.

So many questions. Will Nick think of his dead family every time he and Adalind have sex? Is Renard in danger? Why kill Dixon? Is Rachel Wood in on it? What about the priest, church mouse, and creepy duo who followed Nick and Monroe into the woods? How badly is Eve going to hurt Hanano?

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