Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #37 Review

Writer: Robert Venditti / Artist: Rafa Sandoval / DC Comics

If you’re not already reading Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps or you’re reading this review, trying to decide if you should be reading it when I’ve been reviewing this book for somewhere near 40 issues, I’m not sure there’s anything else I can say to convince you that this is worth catching up on if you find the trades. At this point, all I can tell you is that this book is LIT. Space cops taking on the galaxy’s biggest villains with magic wishing rings? Yes, please.

Issue #37 is pretty straightforward in setting up the latest conflict. John Stewart has a tense meeting with the Guardians about their latest decision. Though it was pretty short-lived, I do like the way Venditti consistently establishes Stewart as a take-no-shit soldier who walks this tense tightrope between knowing when to follow orders and questioning everything. I think even Batman would be impressed by his “trust but verify” approach to everything.

Meanwhile, I find this book is at its best when it pits the Lanterns against villains outside of their usual list of rogues. Kyle and Hal getting jumped by Zod makes for a pretty entertaining fight largely thanks to the return of Rafa Sandoval, easily the best artist to grace the pages of this book. Nobody has been more epic and imaginative with the grand ring constructs than Sandoval. There are a couple of pages where you almost feel the ground move with each punch.

Bottom Line: Another awesome throwdown-heavy book from one of the most underrated creative teams in DC’s arsenal.

8 Michael Shannon Evil Face Clenches out of 10

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