Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy #4 Review

Harley&Ivy #4 Cover

Writer: Jody Houser /Artist: Adriana Melo / DC Comics

Another Salad Filled Poison Harley Adventure

Dinosaur World seems like the perfect pit stop while running away from a stalking plant virus. Our (limited edition) anti-heroes Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy scrounge around in a desert in hopes to put some distance between the plant force desperate to destroy Poison Ivy. At first Harley questions the desert quest because you know…photosynthesis but ,as Ivy reassures her that the blazing heat is not counter-productive, they come across a huge billboard. “Dinosaur World!” Sounds like some tyrannosaurus fun? Absolutely terrible.

It’s hard to try to go into the hero business when every person you meet, runs up on you with a glock.

Harley&Ivy #4 Inside

If you weren’t rooting for them before Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy #4 is a fun comic bound to make you look back twice. But if you’re a returning fan of this duo, you will be sure to soak in this content like osmosis. The femme fatales are out here protecting each other and kicking ass. As the series continues, I find myself feeling closer with them and hoping their wit will overcome their trials. I hope to see more cunning ways to escape plants in future issues while bumping up the stakes and challenging how much Harley wants to step into “hero duties” and how much Ivy wants to survive. This will add a layer of vulnerability to the seemingly invincible duo. Because truthfully, we all want them to win, but the question of what do they have to lose in order to gain the W. Since we’re merging these dynamic women and putting them in situations where they have to question their survival and their peace, I’d like to see emotional pins that remind them what they walked away from.

8.7 Vinemon and Garfernkels out of 10

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