Hawkeye vs Deadpool #4 Review

Writer: Gerry Duggan/ Artist: Matteo Lolli / Publisher: Marvel

We are at the final issue of this team up mini-series and I don’t want this book to end at all. This book has been refreshing as fuck coming from Marvel. Gerry Duggan does a great job capturing not one but three different personalities (Kate Bishop, Clint Barton, and Wade Wilson) with ease. Artist Mateo Lolli has become a name I am going to be continuously looking out for. Matteo should be getting a lot of credit on this book for his action shots (the bike chase last issue is still hilarious) and the distinct way he has draw the body language of these three characters just hanging around or interacting with each other. The detail is large, clear and even when scenes extend into other panels, it’s still crisp as fuck. Matteo draws like he is putting together a jig saw and I have dug it heavy through out this run.

Gerry Duggan is that dude on the pen man he really let everyone shine this issue. We finally got to see Wade show Team Hawkeye how you whip the sky-cycle this issue. This is probably my favorite scene of the series hands down.

sky cycle

We have a lot of action as we find Clint in need of being rescued (though he wouldn’t admit that) in the thick of holding off Black Cat and her muscle. Another great scene was Black Cat thinking Clint was not about just merkin cats with arrows until he shows her (that hard way) he is indeed bout that life. It’s so great to see all three of them in action and working together in this issue. The humor doesn’t stop as the bullets and arrows fly in this book. The humor was never forced at all in this book which is why reading it was such a joy. This is the fast paced action & delivery kind of action you expect from a book with Hawkeye(s) and Deadpool in it. A lot of credit has to be thrown to Duggan keeping this mash up team true to character through the thick of this mini series.

The way the book concludes is pretty funny and somber at the same time. Duggan plays with a lot of tropes and even caught me off guard at one key point. There is a serious issue that Clint has to come to terms with at the end. It is an issue that comes full circle in an organic was as well which topped off this finale nicely. I really, really hope this isn’t the last team up we’ve seen between the Hawkeyes and Deadpool. I thought the only comic series that was coming close to the fun of Next Wave was The Superior-Foes of Spider-Man, I’m glad that this mini-series can join that Parthenon of fun. I’ll be referencing Hawkeye vs Deadpool for a while.


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  • Matteo

    Thank you so much for your great reviews! I read them both and I’m really glad you enjoyed it as a whole and your comments on my artworks are really welcome! Thanks again man, keep up the good work! Matteo.

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