Immortal Hulk #23 Review

Writer: Al Ewing / Artist: Joe Bennett / Marvel

Joe Bennett is a madman. The art in this issue is so insane and grotesque, it ends up becoming this beautiful imagery of horror and gore. Joe Bennett’s art is a big part of what makes The Immortal Hulk what it is. This issue, in particular, is filled with several pages that test the limits of his skill with twisting and morphing the body into unsettling forms that you know aren’t right.

It’s fitting that Bennett’s art is at the top of its game this issue. After all, with Gamma Flight and the Hulks jumping into the lion’s den that is General Fortean’s fortress, there’s bound to be untold carnage to follow. The action doesn’t disappoint either. You would think with the two gamma teams ambushing Fortean and his soldiers that they would have the upper hand. Instead, we find out just how prepared Fortean and his team were for these Hulks.

With all of the mayhem and fighting, we don’t get a lot of character development for the Hulk or the Gamma Flight team. Instead, Ewing gives a much-needed focus on Rick Jones and his new husk-like form, as well as a bigger look into McGee. McGee is an interesting character, considering how much of the Hulk’s world terrifies her. However, she can’t help follow his story and learn the truth. Ewing gives us some insight into just why she is this way and through some excellent narration, we also get a better understanding of what kind of person Rick Jones has become.

We haven’t seen much of Rick since he was torn from the Abomination. Through McGee’s point of view, there is something unsettling about Rick despite the fact that he seems to maintain the same positive personality he’s always had. It’s an interesting game to try to figure out. Throughout the whole series, we’ve seen drastic changes to these other Hulk and Ewing seems to play with the feeling that something feels off about Rick as well.

There is so much more to talk about. Ewing keeps the mystery going and the mind wondering “What’s next?” for this eerie tale. The Immortal Hulk is one of those books that opens up a character’s world to places that you never thought it could go and it’s fascinating to read just how far this journey will go.

9.5 “Ira Member Yous” out of 10

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