Interstellar Movie Review

[dropcap1]N[/dropcap1]ormally I’d wait till this shit was on TBS to watch it but I had some time on my hands before dinner so I decided to catch Interstellar since folks done gave it the “you gotta see this” cosign. I’m really not big on space in general, I love science fiction but when it come to space… I’m good. Interstellar has a good cast line up though, plus, I didn’t know the premise so fuck it, let’s get the adventure underway. Post having seen it, I’m just saying the set up is great but that final act…. yeah. If you got some thoughts about whether you wanna drop your coins like Sonic on this movie this might be the review for you. No Spoilers so don’t worry.

I ain’t saying shhhhhhit

The movie revolves around Mathew McConaughey as Cooper, an ex engineer and pilot. We then get introduced to his grandfather Donald, and two kids Murph and Tom. Long story short, Cooper is farming corn cause that’s about the only thing growing on Earth right now. Yeah, It’s looking like straight up Grapes of Wrath up in this. The movie revolves around trying to fix this problem which of course leads us to the unknown above the wild blue yonder. I’m talking about Space mutha fucka.

Christopher Nolan does come correct on the visuals for this movie. There was a point in the characters exploration that ripped an “oooooooh shit” from me vocally in the theaters. Visually the movie does extremely well,

The dialogue isn’t bad either. We’re use to a lot of post apocalyptic Earth scenes from movies but this was taking more of an approach scientifically as to what the world will come to be when shit starts getting inhospitable. Even Neil DeGrass Tyson gave his input to the science behind the film as well. You know it’s real when Emcee N.D. Tyson appears on the track.

I didn’t really have that much of a problem with the film (only two black guys left on Earth) until the end… Yeaaaaaah, the execution takes some risks which is great. More power to Nolan for saying, “You know what. I’m going for that new new inception on this. Yall want that Stephen Hawking to come back? Yall want that Hubble Telescope to come back?! IT’S HERE!”.

That Real Rap Raw Science Back
That Real Rap Raw Science Back

Anything can happen in space and Nolan does a great concept of fucking with reality, time, and gravity in this film. (Hand claps with each word) I’m-just-sayin… some of it is a bit much in the end. That’s all I’m trying to say. There’s some inconsistencies and plot holes where I had to throw a flag on the field for some of the moves made. Also, this movie is straight up long. I’m talking Titanic in space long, I went in at 6:29 ad got out at 9:30. They stopped serving dinner at this restaurant I go to for Mac and Cheese by the time I got there. So Christopher Nolan and Rust Cohle in space are going to be getting a letter from me about that. I promise. In all seriousness tho, (I do want that Mac and Cheese time reimbursement) the movie is good but after such a long adventure, I feel like the steps toward the ending is where a lot of people are going to disagree (or maybe just disagree with me). Yall can go ahead and see for yourself. As for me I got a letter about dinner time reimbursement that needs to be penned.

Also, if you see this movie, don’t agree with the ending as well and your co-workers, friends, random person your discussing this with during public transportation, tries to hit you with the, “You just didn’t get it” or “It was an intellectual film” or “Well, it’s almost like Inception, did you get that?”. Don’t take that shit, that’s that

“Everyone else liked it so I gotta say I liked it, even though I myself don’t fully get what happened but I’ll act like I did then shoot down opinions of others that don’t agree in order to feel good about myself as well as my life choices”

pretentious sheep mentality. You stand firm in your beliefs and if you do enjoy the film more power too you (read: Baaaah).


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