Writer: Brian Michael Bendis / Artists: Stefano Caselli, Alex Maleev / Marvel Comics

The search is on in earnest as somehow, some mf’in way, the body of Tony Stark is missing. Fam, that not-really coffin just tipped up and strolled out of the compound. After enjoying the journey with Riri and her various adventures through 11 (some odd) issues of this book, we’re back around to seeing what happened to Tony Stark. The search for Tony makes a lot of sense, as his consciousness that has filled in as an onboard AI for Riri has begun to…feel himself. Friday has been hinting at the issues that virtual Tony could create and one has to wonder if this is part of it. The backdrop is a good one, where Tony’s mother is hosting the annual Stark science fair that Riri gets to be a part of.

Tony Stark, Where Art Thou

While all of this is pretty interesting stuff, there is a lot going on in this issue. Possibly too much as a lot of plot points may not get their due time. In addition to the plot of the science fair, a possible hostile take over, and Tony’s disappearance, Doom makes an appearance. Anyone reading Infamous Iron Man (and you should be), sees that plot of Doom and Benjamin Grimm unfold gloriously. Their interaction is a lot of fun to watch and this is no exception. Still, Bendis crams a ton into this issue, lingering on some things, less so on others. Others that could benefit with a touch more time.

On the art side, it’s excellent. I mean, Caselli is really doing damage on this book with some gorgeous lines. With the inclusion of the Doom story, bringing in Maleev is just showing off. In most books, having two distinctly different art styles in a book would be distracting. However, with the two very different storylines, it works out very well.

In our first search for Tony Stark, we get a stuffed and complex issue. Most of it works, some of it is gently touched upon. Still, the art helps make this a worthy first issue of this inevitable story arc.

8.6 But Who In The Armor Doe Cliffhangers out of 10

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