Issa Rae’s “Insecure” Is The New Awkward

Have you ever had that one show that felt like you were just watching yourself on television? I used to watch my mamma watch her favorite shows just to see her react. She’d see someone she identified with going through the same thing she was going through and exclaim, “why she gotta be reading my mail like that?” At about ten or twelve years old, I had no idea what the hell my mamma was talking about. Then I turned thirty and like most thirty-somethings in the new millennium, I snuggled up in the corner of my bed with my laptop in search of a show that would take the pain of adulting away. What I found was Issa Rae and The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl web series. What happened was I turned into my mamma, yelling at the screen and telling this woman to stop reading my mail. Well, guess what? It looks like Issa Rae and her new HBO series Insecure is about to have me doing the same thing all over again…. and I can’t wait!

Insecure is a new comedy series created by Issa Rae and Larry Whilmore that launches it’s 8 episode series exclusively on HBO on Sunday October 9 (10:30–11:00 p.m. ET/PT). Whether or not you were about that ABG life, this looks like a show that may have you re-upping on your HBO subscription. Similarly to Awkward Black Girl, Rae stars as the main character Issa. Issa and her bestie Molly (played by actress Yvonne Orji) show us the amazing and crazy experiences of being a Black woman today. Issa is the friend who seems to just fumble through life, while Molly is the home girl who looks like she has it all together. I’m talking about relationship issues, crazy White co-workers, glorious natural hairstyles and more.

Issa and bf

It is so hard to find a show about Black folks that doesn’t end up being laced with the back wash of stereotypes and micro-aggression. Based on the promo, this is not going to be the ‘hood story that many of us get tired of seeing played over and over. Insecure has award winning diverse team of writers including Issa Rae, show runner Prentice Penny (Girlfriends and Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Grammy award winner Melina Matsoukas, Michael Rotenberg and Dave Becky (Everybody Hates Chris) and Jonathan Berry.

Insecure looks to be everything that I loved about Awkward Black Girl and then some. Prior to thirty, I thought it was a magical age where all the stars would align and I would have everything figured out. The evening of my thirtieth birthday I realized how wrong I was and how insecure I was for being in the stage that I was in. Mid-thirties, and while I’m happy, I’m still awkward af. So, shout out to Issa Rae for putting one on the screen for the homies. I wonder if we’ll get any hashtag worthy quotes and one-liners like we did with ABG and “Besties before Testies?” If Issa and Molly are anything like J and CeeCee there are bound to be some shenanigans going down! I tell you what, I’m here for it… all of it. It looks like Insecure is the new awkward and Issa Rae has the #blackgirlmagic Midas touch. Sunday nights are about to be lit.

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