John Constantine: Hellblazer #9 Review

Writer: Simon Spurrier/Artist: Matias Bergara/DC Comics

I’ll be honest, a not-insignificant percentage of why I review comics is to find dark horses I can fall in love with. After reviewing a couple of different issues, John Constantine: Hellblazer is one of those titles.

Issue number 9 continues the trend of Constantine telling one-shot stories about tracking down a mysterious old man who gives people a demonic gift that make their lives a living hell eventually.

This time, he’s wrapped up in a plot by one of the Queen of England’s sons to redeem his besmirched reputation by breeding an incredible racehorse from…um…horse goods he got in a test tube. However, he soon finds out that the foal-to-be has one very strange oddity, a horn.

While the aristocrat is excited about the prospect of owning and racing a mythical beast, Constantine tries his best to let him know something has clearly gone wrong.

The ultimate events that transpire are absolutely worth seeing, but the most enjoyable thing about this is watching John work and talk his way out of any situation. I get a similar feeling watching John at work as I did with David Tennant’s Doctor. Everything about his personality makes you think he has the situation under control, even when he doesn’t. And it still always works out somehow.

Note: Before you read this issue, I cannot promise no animals were hurt in the telling of this story. It ain’t pretty either.

9.0 out of 10

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