Jonah Hex / Yosemite Sam Special #1 Is DC Comic’s Best Spaghetti Western Tale

Writer: Jimmy Palmiotti / Art: Mark Texeira / DC Comics

“I don’t start but I finish you with a Earth nap
E’rbody I turned into ashes, believe they earned that”- Joell Ortiz

DC Comics is putting everyone on notice with these Looney Toons crossover specials. My God, each review I’m doing of these, I’m more surprised than the next. I’ve read four special so far and only one was okay. Yet, even an okay issue is still freaking genius and with how it incorporates these childhood figures into current continuity for DC Universe.

As soon as I opened this issue and saw Yosemite Sam talking with his usual brash and over the top speech. I thought to myself, “Alright, this might just be the second aight issue”. I guess Palmiotti heard me cause within the second page this story said, “Waitwaitwait a minute. Who the fuck you think you talking to?” Yosemite Sam is that fucking guy, man. He’s struck it rich with a gold mine and when his employees try to run the jewels sam lets them thangs ran the fuck out.

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 3.22.25 PM

Yosemite is headed to town to cash in on his riches when he runs across some circus folk in need. After rescuing one circus entertainer from drowning we see it’s none other than the southern gawd Foghorn Leghorn. Palmiotti does a great interaction between these two, taking account of Yosemite’s shock at this large bird person he’s seeing for the first then apologizing for his shock. While these vintage toon characters are getting acquainted, bounty hunter Jonah Hex enters and the reader sees both Foghorn and Yosemite know just who the fuck Jonah Hex is and what he’s about. Hex is already dragging a bounty behind him so you know son is with the shits. By with the shits I mean, he’s about handing out fades and collecting them.

Yosemite’s riches with his mine require him to hire Jonah Hex for protection. It’s here where the story gets underway. He is his usual loner self but Palmiotti gives us a lot of depth into who Yosemite Sam is as a character by revealing his origins. Yosemite is along has a polite demeanor (unless you snitching on’em) and is a person that will do right until he’s crossed (especially if you’re snitching on him). We not only see the resolve ov Yosemite’s character but Foghorn Leghorn as well.

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Dude, it’s 2017 and I never thought seeing Foghorn Leghorn boxing would be one of the best panels ever. I’m dying laughing at this because it’s Foghorn boxing for one, but why it look so hard tho? Mark Texeira did not fuck around on the art for this issue. You truly feel like you’re in the old west reading through this. Texeira draws an incredibly detailed Jonah Hex, as well taking some liberties with Foghorn Leghorn’s look as well. Once the action starts this issue, this shit goes straight spaghetti western. Hex’s ruthlessness in a fight shines through this issue.

Mark Texeira and Jimmy Palmiotti didn’t let the Loony Toons or DC Universe fandoms down with this mash up. Jonax Hex comes across his usual bad ass self but they character development between Yosemite and Foghorn is perfection. Their humor with one another, how deep the take their debts, and their since of friendship is such an endearing aspect of this book. We got another hit with this shit man, what do you want me to say? Huh? Yeah, when DC Comics announced these mash ups I was making jokes. Now? I’m shutting the fuck up when real ass creatives is out here creating real ass, good ass, bars-filled stories.

10 Blazing Saddles out Of 10

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