Jumbe #1 Review

Writer: Luay Rajab Garwan / Artist: Luay Rajab Garwan / Luay Rajab Production

What do you need to know about Jumbe #1?

With a very cool looking cover and a synopsis that tells us this: “Jumbe finds himself delivering a package to a frog-like alien robot race. The thing is, they seem to be more interested in Jumbe than the package,” we dive head first into this journey of your not so ordinary delivery boy delivering not so ordinary packages.


First things first, the color scheme here is lovely. From the colors to the graffiti-like writing on the cover I knew I had to take a closer look and possibly buy this comic, which I eventually did. While the color scheme might look garish to some, I thought it gave off an otherworldly, almost psychedelic feel to this story which I gathered immediately wasn’t your run-of-the-mill comic bursting with overzealous and angsty superheroes.

Jumbe, himself, stands out with his elfish ears, pompadoured hair (colored skin, of course) and fresh kicks as he slides, runs, jumps, creates diversions and possibly solves mini puzzles to get out of the obstacles in his way to get to his destination.


Despite its dreamy art and satisfying ending–the actual comic is only about 8 pages long (14 pages adding up the front cover, artist notes, etc), Jumbe #1 feels criminally short. But if you view this as a mini comic, it actually succeeds on the grounds that creator Luay Garwan crafted a complete story from start to finish within ten pages or less. That’s a feat there itself.

8.5 Hard to Reach Places Out Of 10


This is the preview for the nest issue titled “Mixtape.” Looks promising!

Lastly, this is yet another Comxiology submit hit (are y’all starting to see a pattern here with the bulk of my more recent reviews?) so be sure to snatch it and buy it here!

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