Jupiter’s Circle #6 Review

Writer: Mark Millar / Artists: David Gianfelice, Francesco Mortarino / Image Comics


This issue right here? This issue right here is the beauty of Mark Millar. Not only can this man bless us with the action and destruction we love in comics, but he does such an amazing job of showing us exactly how these larger than life characters easily get caught up in the day-to-day trials and tribulations of the average, flawed human being. Issue 6 picks up after the fallout of George and Sunny’s relationship. The childish jokes and inability to behave like an adult led to the marriage refusal, which led to Sunny finding her way into Walter’s open arms…and bedroom.

Our first image is of Skyfox suiting up and telling his enabling butler that he’s taking the Stroller out for a spin. Cuthbert thinks he’s going to see the mayor, but I think everybody in their right mind knew exactly who he was off to see.

JupiterCircle06-Preview-Off to see

We find Walter and Sunny strolling through beautiful Paris discussing and dreading the conversation they’ll need to have with George sooner or later. Walter sees no malice in the way that they began dating, considering she legit broke up with him when she turned down the proposal. Oh yeah, during this time, both Walter and Sunny are actually working their day jobs as Walter places part of each of their minds in this French paradise. Walter out here delivering quarterly reports to his board while Sunny is in pin-up girl mode posing for Estee Lauder ads. Sunny wants to keep the relationship a secret and spend time in these dream zones because of the potential outcomes when everyone finds out that she left George and hopped all over that Walter lovin’. He assures her that everything is going to be fine aaaaand then Skyfox comes through with the spurned lover atomic haymaker from hell!


George flies in and hits Walter with the mean right hook that sends him through a wall. Skyfox begins to follow up the hit with Richard and Grace in tow, trying to stop him from unleashing the fury on Walter’s ass. Skyfox kinda makes light work out of Blue Beetle and Lady Liberty trying to stop him and begins to shout at Walter to release her from his psychic grip. Sheldon eventually lays down the law and separates Skyfox from everyone. How? By saying, “One mile up, now.” Damn, it’s cool AF to have powers. They fly up a mile and Sheldon keeps it real. He tells George it’s not the craziest idea in the world that she fell in love with another dude. George throws a temper tantrum and is ghost.

George went real deal Jason Bourne off the map. Sheldon asks George’s trusty butler if he really loved her that bad, and it was real. The team proceeds like normal, because what the hell else are they gonna do? 3 months fly by, Walter finishes his 1000 super villain escape-proof  prison, and Sheldon accuses Walter of mental coercion.

We end this chapter of Jupiter’s Circle with a shot of George in Nowheresville, America. Posted up at the diner straight chillin’, sippin’ some coffee, plottin’.

9 out of 10

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