writer: Geoff Johns / artist: Jason Fabok

While I have found the Lex Luthor centric Justice League post-Forever Evil interesting, my biggest complaint is that is has often sidelined many of the Justice League members. As for that balance, Johns has found a groove of late, as everyone (that is conscious) gets a good amount of page time. The search for patient zero continues as we get to see more (good) Batman / Superman detective work. Turns out Patient Zero is the organic version of Amazo…which sucks for our heroes.

The other story in the book is designated for Lex and his conundrum of having created the virus and what the possible fallout will be. Sort of. Despite his sister and Captain Cold questioning why he created the virus in the first place, he maintains that there is a bigger threat than the Justice League for which he made the virus. I’m guessing it’s whatever chased the Crime Syndicate to the planet. Also, there’s a very effective section with Lex’s sister Lena. Someone that Lex actually cares about and is willing to hold him accountable is a refreshing take.

Fabok is consistent on this, as usual. There are equal parts desperation and resolve in the art. The action is especially done well, as we see Patient Zero’s evolving abilities.

Justice League has been pretty damn good of late and it continues to keep upping the stakes and the difficulty for our heroes. It has remixed some familiar stories or traits from DC lore and presents them in fresh and intriguing ways.


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