Justice League Infinity #1 Review

Like Saturday Morning Cartoons Nostalgia
Justice League Infinity #1

Writers: J.M. DeMatteis and James Tucker / Artist: Ethen Beavers, Nick Filardi, and Francis Manapul / DC Comics

Another Justice League book? Yes, but hear me out, you’re probably gonna want to check it out– if only for nostalgia’s sake.

Justice League Infinity is a digital-first limited series that gives us new adventures from the Justice League team that we all fell in love with on Saturday mornings in the early 2000s. Featuring the core seven members of Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, and The Flash, we get to pick up where we left off when Justice League Unlimited ended more than fifteen years ago. 

This isn’t something that starts the second that the final episode ended, though. You can tell some time has passed, but not too much where things feel unrecognizable. Think of it as a new season of the show, where there’s been a small gap in time, and we’re filled in on the changes early on to catch us up. 

Justice League Infinity #1 really does feel like reading an episode of the series, and I love it. That’s in large part because co-writers James Tucker and writer J.M. DeMatteis were producer and series writer respectively on the show. So they know these characters, what their motivations are, and how to make that shine better than anyone. Ethen Beavers on art does a great job of translating the animation style from the cartoon onto the page in a way that feels familiar and reminiscent, while still being able to add his own spin on things.

Justice League Infinity #1

Justice League Infinity #1 deals with Amazo traveling the universe searching for the meaning of life, while the Justice League fights Granny Goodness and Kalibak when they crash The Flash’s birthday party. The issue is also narrated by and from the perspective of Martian Manhunter, who has since left the team to go and learn more about humanity in solitude. It’s a really solid issue one, and instantly and successfully drops you back into this universe as if you never left. 

I really like the implementation of Amazo, as his episodes on the original series were always so existential and somber. Even though he was fighting the Justice League, you couldn’t help but feel for him. While he isn’t an active part of the plot in Justice League Infinity #1, his actions are basically the inciting incident that gets this series going. And his use specifically is a prime example that this series is going to pull from its collective narrative to go forward. As a fan of the show, the payoff is really satisfying.

John Stewart’s love triangle with Hawkgirl and Vixen is also further explored in this first issue. As I’m sure you can remember, that was something that became a bigger and bigger storyline as Justice League Unlimited progressed through the seasons as well. 

All in all, if you’re a fan of the animated show, reading this book will make you happy. It’s new stories with the same version of the cast of characters that you know and love so well, shepherded by those who helped bring them to life back in the day. There’s a lot to love about this book. 

10 Multiversal Schisms out of 10

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