Legion of Super Heroes #3 Review


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis // Artist: Travis Moore // DC Comics

Damian joins the battle…

Accompanied by Superman, Damian Wayne joins the Legion of Super Heroes and is exposed to an array of supers. The opening scene feels much like the opening to The Good Place. Everything is cool at first. You’re walking around, getting acclimated to the new dynamics and then suddenly the peace breaks. When the search for the Trident becomes more hectic than planned, interrogations, battles and nightmares settle in Planet Gotham. Legion of Super Heroes #3 is action packed, hilarious and cinematic. We get the quips of our beloved heroes. Readers would be able to see each character’s personality shining through not only their words but through the way they utilize or showoff their powers.


A Bright Showcase

The main question I have is the importance of Damian Wayne and the deep isolation the Legion of Heroes has towards Batman. Granted, if you think about it, when Batman knows about anything all of a sudden he knows about everything. Yet the discomfort and need to bring him back seems like something that Superman missed. I’m interested to see how this develops overtime and how Superman’s “mistake” transforms into something they will have to take care of at a later time.

As a fan of bright colors and flashy emotions, Legion of Super Heroes gives it to you panel by panel. With a mixture of closeups accompanied by colorful backgrounds, it’s an easy and fun read that I couldn’t stop looking at. What I hope to see in future issues is the utilization of color to signify deep emotional shifts, but to push the boundaries of what readers perceive as dark and uncomfortable. I’d love to see how bright color palettes can also be used to signify oncoming trouble outside of loud crashes and bright outlines accompanied by onomatopoeia. Legion of Super Heroes is a beautiful beginning to a whole lot of trouble.
8.8 Excited Supermans out of 10

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