Writer~Rick Remender
Artist~Greg Tocchini

Issue #4 of Low dropped and I’m already thinking of buying the first trade and making a list of who to gift it to. This comic has quickly become an unraveling story that keeps revealing more and more of an incredible story that is so relevant granted it’s futuristic setting. It’s a story of hope in a dying world. It’s a story of fighting back, to reclaim what’s precious. It’s a story of a mother on a mission to bring back several things including a probe and her abducted daughters. I’m not surprised that this comic has been slept on.

Shel’s faith has paid off: the third city still exists. She and her son Mark find their way and and find that it thrives as a pit of deviants and pirates. Debauchery, filth and violence spills out from every corner. This city is dying too but the inhabitants don’t know that. Lo and behold–Shel spots the the man who has been haunting her dreams every night for ten years. She spots the man responsible for splitting up her family.

low pic

So far so good, right? Shel runs off to infiltrate Roln’s inner chambers and comes face to face with him and some one else, which makes for a great surprise. Family reunions aren’t always what they are in the movies OR under the sea. This turn of events turns this rescue mission on it’s head and we’ll have to wait till next issue to see where the ride takes us.

Last item of interest: An explanation for the mermolk and animal hybrid type creatures in this universe?



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