#MarchMultimediaMultiverseMadness Quarterfinals 4 – Korra (3) versus Lady Shiva (11)

Chris: Lady Shiva is WACK! She ain’t bout this bending life. Getting them elements thrown at her like they ain’t never been thrown before.

Her multiple fighting styles, WACK!

Her fights with Batman, WACK!

The way she sometimes runs an evil organization literally called the League of Assassins, WACK!

This is Avatar Korra, and she’s tight as [email protected]*k!

C’mon son, Korra washes stuck up, martial artist like Lady Shiva at least once every season. Amon, deaded. Unalaq, deaded. Zaheer, Kuvira, deaded. You see where I’m going with this. Sure, Korra has had a rough go at it but in the end our girl always comes out on top. And Shiva is not going to be any different. In fact, it’s precisely because of Korra’s loses and experience that she is going to have the upper hand against Lady Shiva.

After almost four to five years of boxing with anti-benders, evil Avatars and others with more than extraordinary abilities, Korra’s no slouch. She practically a prodigy at this fight game. Thrown through the gauntlet and survived the worst of it. Shiva might have her different forms of martial arts but none of that is going to throw Korra off because without bending, Korra is going to automatically assume home girl is an anti-bender. She’s used to fighting with people who can block her abilities. It’s not gonna happen. She’s prepared.

The element of surprise is on Korra’s side as well. Bending throws fighters off their game like nothing else. You not just fighting the fighter but the earth, the air, water, fire. What’s Lady Shiva going to do with the ground comes up beneath her feet? When Korra’s metal bending her armor? Or when that perfectly dodged punch comes with a flame snuffing her in the face? The defense game is on point too. Korra’s fully mastered air bending, which comes with enhanced agility, speed, and enough play keep away with Shiva. Combine that with my girl’s already impressive reflexes and fighting skills – she’s good.

Listen, Lady Shiva is a problem. We acknowledge that. But in the end, she’s just gonna get bodied like the rest. #WaterTribe

Omar: Korra my bender, I hate it had to be her because Lady Shiva is a matchup she doesn’t want. Lady Shiva is a different type of monster that Korra would not be prepared for. Korra has mastered the elements, however, that’s only four fighting styles. Shiva is a grandmaster specializing in Leopard Style Kung Fu, Dragon Style Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Judo, Capoeira, Kokusho, Savate, Karate and forgotten fighting styles. If this is a numbers game that shit ain’t adding up for Korra especially since these styles may not even exist in her world and it’d be her first time encountering them against Shiva. Shiva can adapt to whatever you got to throw at her boo boo. Shiva can kill Batman on a whim if she wants too she ain’t scared of what Korra can do.

Now, you may say Korra can use the elements to play the distance game on Shiva but we’ve seen from her previous fights it isn’t impossible to dodge her attacks and take it to up close and personal in-fighting. Remember that work the chi-blockers did on Korra? Shiva knows pressure points as well. Shiva’s has fought and killed metahuman’s before, this isn’t new territory for her. Once she cancels, Korra’s subscription to the elements it’ll come down to hand to hand. Shiva’s got too much battle experience on Korra to take an “L” cause the woman is a literal killer. Period. Shiva will not hesitate to end Korra’s life to win this match. Korra ain’t built like that or for that.

How many times we done seen Korra’s spirit take a fucking Stone Cold Stunner in a fight? Put that against Lady Shiva’s will, and it’s a fucking problem. Shiva doesn’t know quit, doubt, or regret. All Shiva knows is it’s robbing season and you goin’ run the 1-Up. Shiva doing Korra a favor and getting her reincarnation ceremony started early. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good fight. A damn good fight, but Shiva’s experience, ruthlessness, and technique are going to make it a short one. Shiva will have Korra giving up the Avatar ghost(s) via tap out or knock out.

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