Mister Miracle #11 Review

Best boss battle of the year off the rip
Mister Miracle #11

Writer: Tom King / Artist: Mitch Gerads / DC Comics

“Been medicated, meditated, sedated, hated
Character assassinated, all these years I masqueraded”- Joe Budden

I’m getting tired of telling you how tried and true Tom king and Mitch Gerads are in this series. Mister Miracle #11 is yet another anchor point of evidence as to why this series bangs. Darkseid wants Jacob Free in trade for peace with New Genesis and the Anti-Life Equation. This puts Barda and Scott in a situation they can’t escape… or can they? *Dramatic music*

What’s a suicide mission to a New God?

Mister Miracle #11

This issue goes by extremely fast to me, and it isn’t drawn out. I continue to love how King and Gerads show Barda and Scott casually heading to high-pressure battles/negotiations. We see the couple remembering to bring veggie trays, diapers, for the trade, and we’re all wondering how this is going to go down. Will they give into Darkseid? Will they resist? What is the play here? King keeps you guessing for what’s coming next even when you think you know. The relationship Barda and Scott represent with residents of Apokolips is hilarious as it’s like they’re reuniting with old friends that they may have to kill.

The relationships through blood, war, and oligarchy in this iteration of Mister Miracle give a stronger foundation to Jack Kirby’s creation of the New Gods. King and Gerads truly made this war that’s been going on since 1971 (their debut) truly feels as if this time the stakes and consequences are all on the line. Personally, the last time I was so invested in the New Gods was way back in the ‘Our Worlds at War’ storyline.

Darkseid is… [that damn villain]

Mister Miracle #11

We’ve seen glimpses of Darkseid throughout these previous issues only every so often. Darkseid has remained the all-powerful shadowy figure in the background. The final boss of all the final bosses. When we see him in the flesh, fam is the most menacing. Gerads did the damn thing by making Darkseid look like the most threatening being in the universe. He’s brolic, stoic, and even when holding Jacob, he’s just so vicious. All of which Jacob isn’t even aware of. Man, Darkseid ain’t even have to say shit. All of his actions spoke for him this issue. It’s ironic, that someone so vile and cutthroat as Darkseid can be true to his word. The way in which he is true is… let’s say, I wasn’t expecting to see.

The best thing about this series is we see who each character is. We see who Barda and Scott are 24/7 but especially when all is lost. Everything comes full circle with Barda and Scott at the center. King shows that they’re masters of the callback within his writing. Gerads brings that shit to life to make this curtail call really stand out. You’re going to be hard pressed to find a title going as hard as this. It’s game over man. Game over!

With one more issue to go, I’m unsure how it all ends but, I do know it’s an end we don’t want to miss. Mister Miracle gotta be in the top ten limited-runs DC Comics ever put out. It’s up there, and you gotta respect that.

9.8 freaked out ophthalmologists out of 10

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Mister Miracle #11


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