Mister Miracle #4 Review

Writer: Tom King / Artist: Mitch Gerads / DC Comics

“Old head said reality is fake and fake’s the new real
Nothing prescribed to me, but taking a few pills” -Joe Budden

The best part of the month is when that new Mister Miracle arrives. I pick it up wondering, how will it top the last story? Will this be the first time we get an average issue? At this point, I keep expecting a pic of DJ Khaled at the end of each issue saying “another one.” Gerads and King continue to build the lore of the New Gods/Mister Miracle with an excellence of execution (shout out to Bret “The Hitman” Hart).

You know an issue is good when you don’t need action to advance the story. Orion comes for Scott’s ass in the form of a trial — a trial where Orion is judge, jury, and muh fucking executioner. Scott is being tried as an agent of Darkseid (due to his questioning of Orion last issue). This trail becomes more of an interrogation to weed out the issues with Scott. Lord, do we get to a lot of family issues with these questions here. Orion is a smooth-talking judge man, his questions all make sense and are hard to argue.

I love how cool Scott is amidst all this and how “the fuck are we even talking about” Barda is. Barda’s displeasure with this trial was left all over Lightray’s face. Fuck “don’t kill the messenger,” you come for Scott you get got. Even when she isn’t directly in the forefront of attention, Barda and Scott’s relationship shines through.

The climax of this issue is the back and forth between Orion and Scott Free. This is two Ring of Honor Wrestlers shooting a promo on one another. King has Orion pushing Scott, challenging not what he knows but what he believes. That wording is very important throughout the conversation between the two, especially on Orion’s part. Scott then reveals something about his namesakes that you gotta read to appreciate. He also reminds Orion just who the fuck he’s talking to. “If this is all a trap, I’ll escape. That’s what the fuck I do. There ain’t a trap door, trap house, or mouse trap that can hold me.” King had Mister Miracle AKA Mr. Escape The Room talking his shit, and I love it.

Gerads’ art is such an important piece of this series. It’s rare when the writing and the art can both stand on their own and the fact that we’re blessed with them being a team together is incredible. Gerads has so many small nuances that pull you further down the rabbit hole. That rabbit hole is Mister Miracle’s psyche. I can’t remember seeing such a range of emotion, Scott and Gerads puts each action and movement under a microscope for the reader.

You’re not fucking with this title, man. You’re not fucking with this creative raw right here. Mister Miracle is yet another example of what a great story and incredible team can do to push the fandom of a 2nd-3rd string character hero.

9.8 Assorted Veggie Trays out of 10

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