Mr. Robot Recap:

Season: 3 / Episode: 6 / USA

Another episode, another insanely powerful opening scene. Our first look into the budding life a young Angela once led, provided us quite the perspective for the chaos surrounded meeting between the lifelong friends. Angela’s flashback provides with the perfect motive for the actions she has taken these past 6 months. Mr. Alderson asked her to be the push that Elliot needs (if) when he’s not around to do it. That, in and of itself was crazy on so many levels. Not only does that request embed a lifetime of positive motivation, but it also reminds us that Angie from Da Block has also been tasked with standing behind the homie, whether world changingly good or life wreckingly bad.

On the flip side, Angela’s mom is dying (something we’ve known for some time) and at this celebration of life party, Mrs. Moss asks her daughter, “Will you believe with me?” She truly wants Angela to believe in a life where they will be united to bake cookies and have a relationship once again. Both of these conversations are deliberate (as all Email interactions are) and have a direct correlation as to why WhiteRose was able to convince Angela that this time machine thing (if that’s what it is) could actually work and give her the life with her mother that she never had. This is sound reasoning why she would manipulate her closest friend to blow up a building. Well, that and revenge for Evil Corp also killing her mother and Elliot’s dad.

This flashback only hardens Angela’s resolve in the present. Elliot saw her on the floor where the Code Switch Machine was. He’s really baffled that she’s down with this act of terrorism. She knows what must be done and hits Elliot with the savage cold shoulder to ensure it happens. Straight up called our boy by his govamint name and went all HR with the, “Weren’t you fired this morning? You allowed to be in here right now?” flow.

Darlene is back at the snitch house with Agent D Nice and SideGoKickRocks. They mad cuz they didn’t make her wear a wire, but Elliot got the hotline blingin so they break out the stool pigeon triangulation skills. Elliot hit em with Tyrell’s location and is off to try and stop Stage 2 from the inside while Dom and sidekick head to Agent Santiago with the intel. Aaaaannnnddd EVERYBODY is officially a dirty cop or under the thumb of WhiteRose/Dark Army. Didn’t make the connection that was him who saved Tyrell from being caught by that random cop during the flashback episode.

Speaking of WhiteRose, she and Price are up in Mar-a-Lago straight shittin on the tasteless venue. Clearly, 45 needs to start consulting with real bosses with that landfill interior design. This was quite a different conversation, compared to the last one they had. Luckily they both got what they wanted on this least that’s what Mr. Price thinks.

With the help of the quelled riot, Elliot finesses his way back into the building and finds a conference room to restore the malware that Tyrell and Mr. Robot installs with Angela’s help. But Mr. Robot wasn’t havin that. He takes over and Elliot winds up in a cab on his way to Alphabet City. He hops out the whip (and turns his swag on) puts on his red Sonic kicks and gets on his Tommie Smith flow.

The rest of the episode sees Elliot do his best to fight off the Mr. Robot takeovers, as he repeatedly opens up a computer/coding screen then finds himself in another location. Once Mr. Robot trashes an entire computer lab, Elliot heads straight to the source. In the bowels of E Corp is a giant room that Elliot pulls a fire alarm in to cause a vacuum seal, stopping the potential explosion and mass murder. Of course, Mr. Robot beat the living shit out of Elliot on his adventure to that room. But in the end, Elliot couldn’t hack open that last door, so they join forces and save the day since there were no paper records there anywhere.

But this is Mr. Robot, and there are no clean endings out here! As Elliot walks home victorious, he notices the sober and disgusted look on the faces of everyone staring at their phone. He finds a store with tvs in the front window (yes, we still have those in NY) and sees that he and Mr. Robot were being played the entire time. WhiteRose hit em with the okie doke and blew up each and every E Corp facility that Elliot re-routed the records to. 71 buildings demolished or hit with that Roy Mustang arson alchemy. Death toll in the thousands. There are no clean endings in Mr. Robot’s world. Cold world, no blanket.

Mr. Robot Reboot

  • Irving got all the connects. Irving is the OG plug.
  • Agent D Nice is a beast. An disorderly beast, but a good agent no less. She’s gotta figure out her boss is dirty sooner or later.
  • Were Tyrell Wellick’s instructions to run around like a crazed man screaming “stop the attack.”? Or did he go off the rails since he didn’t get his family and fueled up plane to Kiev?
  • The use of 80s shitty antennae quality tv was an dope way to showcase the struggle between Elliot and Mr. Robot to stay conscience. Amazing job done by this team of directors and showrunners.


  • Ja-Quan is a NYC teacher and artist holding a B.A. in Sociology and History from SUNY New Paltz. On his journey to become Hokage, the Lord of The Speed Force and Protector of the Recaps can be found North of The Wall, chopping it up on Twitter @OGquankinobi

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