Ms. Marvel #12 Review

Writer: G. Willow Wilson / Artists: T. Miyazawa , A. Alphona, I. Herring / Marvel Comics

Is Civil War finally done? Thank Bast! Now all I need is this presidential election to come and go and things will be looking up… hopefully?

This issue of Ms. Marvel carries a bittersweet feel: Kamala is off kilter. She’s lost her best friend Bruno, whom we learned issue past has been her best friend not for a year or two but since they were very young–they are practically life long friends. He ain’t dead but he pretty much told her she was dead to him and now he’s off to Wakanda. Kamala’s also without her mentor and hero, Captain Marvel. Lastly she feel she’s without purpose or a creed as a hero as she’s fallen down the path of authoritative rule by way of Ulysses and the very uncomfortable policing she took part of in tracking future criminals…

So she takes a trip. A much needed trip for rest and to get her mind back right back home not to Jersey but back to Karachi to where her family: her grandmother and the host of family members dwell and give her the best welcome EVER. This welcome was so beautiful, I FELT APART OF THE FAMILY.


Also see the BNP Fam when new Ms Marvel drops:


And this is here where Ms Marvel gets it right once again: through Kamala, readers can get a sense of home and a sense of belonging to two or more worlds. Sure she’s American but she’s also Pakistani. She’s also a member of the ” Capes and superpowers” club. She is many things, she belongs to several worlds.


As a reader I can think of how I felt in a familiar fashion, visiting my old neighborhood back in Los Angeles not too long ago. But even here, away from superhero-ing she feels the pull of responsibility. She feels the need to stand up and make a difference. She feels the pull of what makes her Kamala Khan, the hero she is.This is a issue with less action but nevertheless not one to put down because of that. This is a issue that tackles the meaning of “home” and what to do when you feel you have drifted away from you purpose, your fight.


9 Red Daggers out of 10

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