Ms. Marvel #27 Review

Writer: G. Willow Wilson / Artists: Nico Leon, Ian Herring / Marvel Comics

Yes, Kamala is still out. But the Ms. Marvel corp is still on the mission. Two missions actually. On the one hand, Naftali of the Perfect Sandwich has tracked Kamala from her favorite deli to her favorite video rental spot. *pause* Do they still have video rental spots in Jersey City? *end pause* Naftali is hilariously extra as he “interrogates” the rental store owner, eventually uncovering a clue to be pursued next issue.

I take it back. Naftali isn’t extra. He’s the exact amount of over-acting you’d expect from a 16-year-old who watches too much TV and wears a Post-Cores Cores band t-shirt. He’s dramatic. The Red Dagger. He’s extra.

Why is he parkouring through the suburbs? Everyone else is just, you know, walking. And his lines? They are all direct from a Saturday Morning cartoon. He sounds like Batman. It is great.

I continue to praise the hilarity hidden in these panels. Every page has an inside joke or a hint in plain sight in the background. There are doves and excessive poses and weird dogs. I mean, Leon and Herring are on overtime on their backgrounds and it just adds to the humor of the comic itself.

The stakes have gotten higher for Nakia, Gabe, and Mike, as Zoe has disappeared while investigating the disappearances of some senior citizens from the local old folks home. They’re starting to lose hope in their own inner strength, but they also know they can’t turn back. With their last bit of courage, they face down The Inventor for the second time. He, in typical villain style, drops plenty of clues as to his intentions, but not his end goal — he’s not dumb. Leaving the crew to fight off his minions, he escapes. Finally, they have to admit they are in over their heads. Who to call when Ms. Marvel, the person you always call, is gone? I’ll give you three guesses. Your only hint is this: Civil War is over and someone may have come to their senses.

This remains a light-hearted, sincere, touching comic that encourages all of us to do our best and be our own hero. There’s no better message than that.

8 Unnecessary Parkour Jumps out of 10

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