Ms. Marvel #35 Review

Writer: G. Willow Wilson / Artist: Nico Leon, Ian Herring / Marvel Comics

Part four of the Ms. Marvel Ratio story arc is here, and Bruno’s determination to help Kamala brings them closer together after he has a breakthrough in figuring out what the heck is wrong with her. The two briefly travel through warped realities, and Bruno has some really, really big words to say in the moment, you know, when the two are having a moment. BUT that has to be paused because Shocker is still in the picture, and he’s still around to be the bad guy:to push Kamala’s buttons, to tell her she’s not living up to her full potential, to be a pain in the you know what.

The action in the panels is high energy against Shocker in short phases as time warping and time traveling is happening–Kamala’s powers are still on the haywire, yet she’s still in it to win it in the end. Pages of all the science-y junk like Bruno staring down this wormhole are elaborate and certainly pass for big visuals. I had forgotten how much I loved the look of this book with all the comedic facial reactions to the big fists to the tiny details that can get lost in the sauce.

What continues to be a reassuring theme in Ms. Marvel is Kamala’s drive to be her and that means being her own brand of hero. And making it up as you go is part of the job even though our girl does have some experience under her belt–adapting to situations on the fly and changing up your battle plan can work. Pushing back against someone else, a villain, a bully, someone who comes at you with bad vibes and bad intentions has to be a constant in her life, yet it is how she comes through it that makes her the very special hero we know her to be. Shocker, Prof X, and a Spidery fellow in Brooklyn at the end, this comic continues to serve up story lines with all types of characters that keep making their way into Kamala’s life, and I’m here for it. Sure Kamala’s life just becomes more complicated, but we knew this–we knew she’d never be the same. At this point in the game, she’s got some back up and some friends in high places.

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