Ms. Marvel #36 Review

Writer: G. Willow Wilson / Artist: Nico Leon, Ian Herring / Marvel Comics

This issue was amazing for a history nerd like myself. As Kamala and Bruno continue to contemplate the nature of Ms. Marvel’s powers, the topic turns from the empirical to the historical. I love the sci-fi shenanigans that have been going on with Shocker, but anything that evokes that old book smell will always have my heart. Kamala’s musings about an unknown Inhuman ancestor do just that.

While discussing the events they witnessed in their various trips through the time stream, Kamala brings up her ancient look-alike who seemed to know her, despite that being impossible. Several solutions are thrown out even as we, the readers, are transported back to the 13th century. The art is beautiful and there is definitely a sepia tone that overlays the revelation. This filter serves to both conjure up antiquity and create a striking contrast to the dark New Jersey night sky of our two teen heroes.

Charming graphics aside, the historical timeline delivers the promised Inhuman great-great-great something. AND SOME TWISTS!!! I love how G. Dubs can string you along in one direction and then BAM – we’re going somewhere else. Not just cinema twists though. The kind of twists that make you realize that it was your own head that did the leaping. Without too much prompting, to be honest. Sneaky and I like it.

Seeing the gang a la 1257, is a good time. I’m excited to see who else comes into the story and which path Kamilah a.k.a. past Kamala will choose. Will it be a giant foreshadowing moment? Is Kamala’s fierce independence really just her fate ingrained through her bloodline?

This whole issue is some deep stuff wrapped in lighthearted banter. Kamala and Bruno are still smack dab in the middle of awkward romantic realness and their ancestors seem to be just as snarky, sarcastic and wonderful. Here’s to the past, the present, and the future issue that will tell us more about the whole timeline!

9 Shooting Star Planes out of 10

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