Ms. Marvel #5 Review

Writer: G. Willow Wilson / Art: Adrian Alphona

We get a lot more action in this issue of Ms. Marvel this month and you’re going to love it. G. Willow Wilson does a great job of breaking the “reality” of the situation to the front as Kamala thinks she can just dive into being a hero. After her last near brush with death we see Kamala back at it but realizing she is still out of her league against this squad of villains. This is the issue where are hero discovers it takes more than just powers to be a hero. Wilson has Kamala arrive at the fact that she is going to need help, equipment, and a better understanding of her powers (training montage!)if she wants to be the hero Jersey City needs and deserves (I’m from Jersey and Kamala is more than the best we ever gotten man). This gives Bruno becoming even more of a confidant for Kamala. It looks to be that Bruno is setting up to become Kamala’s tech guy (the Richie to her Static if you will).

I do like Adrian’s art for Ms. Marvel. It is different, he is able to make the issue feel light or very fitting when he draws the characters a certain way (especially the way he drew Carol Danvers all holier than tho in Kamala’s eyes) but I will say what is distracting is when he draws a character close up its gorgeous, while a character listening to them in the background has less facial details and expressions. Their face is either blank or at times literally two dots for eyes and curved line for a smile. I feel the art could be like David Aja’s where its just hit or miss for certain people. I do enjoy it tho.

The heart of the issue lies not only in how Kamala takes the time to understand her powers but in a heart to heart from her father.
This right here? Sums up what Kamala been trying to be instead of herself. This right here? Sums up what this book about! This right here? Is why we all here right now. Man listen…

Been what we talking about.


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