‘My Brother, Teddy’ Review: A Fun Fantasy for Readers of All Ages

Writer: Jaromir François / Artist: Todor Hristov 

There’s only one thing better than a good indie comic, and that’s a good indie comic that also happens to be the first comic that a young artist has ever made. Jaromir François debuts his first entry into the mainstream comic book industry with, My Brother, Teddy. Supported by outstanding visuals from Todor Hristov and on point coloring skills courtesy of Sonya Anastasova, François writes his tale of fantasy and chivalry in a very palatable way for all readers. One of the biggest compliments I will give this book is its delivery of clear and interesting storytelling. Whether you are 6 and can’t wait to cuddle up with your stuffed animal tonight or 36 and able to reflect fondly on your years snuggled up with a beat-up teddy bear your grandma gave you, there is a story and message here for all to enjoy.

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but it goes the other way around for Jaromir François. Instead of using a ton of text bubbles and dialogue, he lets the sequence of events tell the story while your mind fills in the blanks. I honestly love that approach, when done right. With the help of Todor Hristov and Sonya Anastasova, all you need is your eyes to fully digest everything happening in My Brother, Teddy because their artwork is so dam gorgeous. I’m talkin a thing of beauty that might make you forget this is the first time François is doing this whole dance!

My Brother, Teddy

Without revealing too much, this is a story about a boy and his teddy. This story is about heart and determination. This story is about friendship and the bonds that shape who we become in life.

One night, a teddy bear wakes up to find his owner missing. The only place he could be? The ominous looking closet, of course. Teddy dons a wooden sword and shield and readies himself for the perilous journey ahead.

What happens next is a beautiful Beast Wars like transformation. Teddy enters this savage new world as the strapping hero he was destined to be, then slashes his way through all manner of creatures and wills himself through hardships that test his mettle.

My Brother, Teddy

The rest of My Brother, Teddy is filled with dope action and adventure that is giving Monstress vibes, with some Chronicles of Narnia in the mix and a splash of Saga. High praise, I know. It’s a good thing the pacing of this story, character arc, and visuals are all top-notch. Oh, and did I mention, there’s a soundtrack that accompanies the book? Yeah, Jaromir François is off to a real good start.

8 Nigh Death Teddy Experiences Out of 10

If you’re interested in reading My Brother, Teddy, you can pick up your copy at local and major comic shops or online here.

You can check out the creator’s Instagram page @sky_surfer117 for more.

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