writer: Tim Seely & Steve Orlando / artist: Roge Antonio / DC Comics

This review might be hard to follow if you haven’t been reading the Monster Men series from the Bat-Family books where this story crosses over. The most brief version is that Hugo Strange has unleashed huge and devastating monsters on Gotham that aren’t easily stopped. In the fifth installment, Nightwing #6, Dick Grayson himself has been transformed into a monster with Batwoman and Gotham Girl trying to corral and cure him. This storyline has worked better than I originally thought. While I was turned off by the idea of monsters, it has provided a different challenge and therefore a different resolve from Batman and his crew. What works especially well is the team work between the members. Most of them have openly defied Bruce to protect the city as opposed to himself. Batman will always have this conflict with his subordinates, but it is especially poignant with his first Robin.


This is a Nightwing book, but as it is a continued crossover, Nightwing isn’t the star. And that’s ok. The fight moves to finding Hugo Strange, who is behind all of this, and his showdown with Batman eventually. Though I’m sure the team will play into it how this ends of course.

The art is mostly good and consistent. Antonio’s style fits well with the theme of monsters rampaging through the city. Most of the action is exterior for this issue and Antonio handles it well, showing the kinetic frenzy and the scale of the monsters.

All in all, it is an investment to follow the whole Monster Men storyline, but it has been worthwhile to see something a bit new that involved all the heroes around Gotham.

8.7 flying monsters out of 10

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