ODY-C #5 Review

writer: Matt Fraction / artist: Christian Ward / Image Comics

Man…ODY-C is just like 30 pages of getting your mind tossed around in a spacecraft moving at lightspeed. This is such a successful marriage of obscurity, beauty and vulgarity, which like Christian Ward’s visuals, don’t often yield where one starts and one stops. This issue picks up with the ODY-C landing on Aeolia, where day I say a Man, has created this world and appointed himself a god in his own right. As you would expect any man that shows up at this point in the story, his motives and motivations don’t feel entirely pure and it’s a spectacle watching Oddyssia navigate how to deal with him and still get what she wants from him in the process. The cost is high and by books end, still undetermined.


What looms large over the book this time around is the internal politics of the gods themselves. Gods plotting against each other will take place in any mythological story, but things jump up a notch as there are more blatant power plays made against each other that have seemed to set a definite course for their internal struggle. It all works very well, and the story is balanced between the two narratives with some connective tissue holding the plot threads together.

ODY-C has gotten even more complex but continues to impress with its uniqueness and great storytelling. The art and script work hand in hand to deliver one of the most original books on the shelves.


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