Only Takes ‘Seven Seconds’ to Question if Black Lives Matter in the New Netflix Original Series

Let me tell you now what we not bout to do. We not bout to let another day pass without this new show getting talked about. Announced a while back, that Da Gawd Regina King was going to be starring in another show, we finally got the trailer for Seven Seconds. Look fam, this ain’t about to be an easy watch. It might be good. It might be great. But the shit won’t be easy. Seven Seconds tells the story of when a young Black boy is ***accidentally*** killed by a White cop with his vehicle. Because that Blue line be more like a blue tidal wave when it comes to protecting its own, right or wrong, that ain’t where the story stops. There’s a cover-up. Misinformation. Protests in the streets. Alladat.

Taking the lead this time around is Clare-Hope Ashitey, who you might remember as the last fertile mother in the world from Children of Men. While not humanity’s last fucking hope (you know… Black woman and all), she’s an assistant prosecutor trying to get justice for the boy.

Redemption Song

The boy’s mom and dad? Regina King and Russell Hornsby (Grimm and Playmakers, that was my shit). Looking at the drama involved, it look like Regina ain’t sick of winning awards yet, cuz this shit is serious, yo.

All in all, there’s a lot of potential here. Let’s hope that Veena Sud learned the lessons of The Killing cuz… I can’t. I can’t be hurt like that again. Especially when you got Regina up in here pushing back against that Hopes and Prayers bullshit. Like it has to be good, Veena. I’m giving you another chance because I’ll never get back my investment in that first season of The Killing.

At any rate, I’m here for it, yo. This has the potential to be the actual Black Lives Matter TV show that a lot of folks have tried already. That makes me nervous just saying that. But yo, it looks like this shit gonna be mad uncomfortable to watch anyway. Might as well get them reps in early.

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