Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat #6 Review

Writer: Kate Leth / Artist: Natasha Allegri / Marvel Comics

We got a bit of a filler this issue with Patsy going to Coney Island for a day of relaxation with her friends. One great thing about this series is Kate Leth has truly expanded Patsy’s reach within Marvel’s universe. We’re seeing the sights of Coney Island, which I honestly can’t remember seeing in other Marvel books too often. We get a lot of the atmosphere of Brooklyn and other sights of New York City with this series. Patsy’s books keep us on the go. The gang runs into Arcade and of course has to go against the villain on his terms in Murderworld.

I was really surprised with this issue as I was thinking that Jessica Jones’ appearance would be next. This book has always been a fun read, and this issue is as well, but it’s one of the less hard-hitting issues. Guest artist Natasha Allegri has a style all her own which is unique but not one that I gelled with as a reader. Much like how Brittany Williams will draw the characters in cartoonish or anime-like moments, with Allegri’s style it felt like we got too much of that one angle for the entirety of the book.


We get what we came for at the very end of the issue (no spoilers). This is a very good book and after six issues we’ve only really had one filler — this is still a good look for the future of this series.

6.8 Skee-ball Shots out of 10

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