Primordial #2 Review

Primordial #2

Writer: Jeff Lemire / Artist: Andrea Sorrentino / Image

There is something utterly fascinating about watching a creative team evolve in real time. After the success of Gideon Falls, the first issue of Primordial showed that Jeff Lemire, Andrea Sorrentino, and Dave Stewart were still in perfect sync and capable of creating a riveting piece of speculative fiction. However, Primordial #2 shows an even deeper level of trust as Lemire allows Sorrentino and Steward to take center stage for the majority of the issue.

In 1957, we see Laika the dog in the vast expanse of space and then the vast expanse of the cubic cosmic horror that resides in Sorrentino’s head. This is after being seeded with Lemire’s word and with a retrofuturist palette from Stewart that manages to make the kindest pastels more sinister than the red I used to laud back with Gideon Falls. It is weird, disconcerting, and mostly exists without text for the majority of the issue, and the text that is there is sparse and still. We know exactly what’s going on at a moment to moment basis.

Primordial #2

We’re still mostly in the dark when it comes to the larger myth arc, but the atmosphere that the creative team has created is captivating enough and the pacing is quick and deliberate. We get glimpses of the forces behind the curtain, and the multi-perspective narrative from two different years serves as a way to tantalize the reader in the best way possible. This falls very closely in line with Lemire’s usual slow burn narrative antics, but the tension is palpable. The story always feels like it’s approaching the unapproachable an lets us grasp at the unfathomable in a way that only comics can provide.

Like I said at the start of the review from Primordial #2, getting to watch a creative team hit a home run with an earlier series and then proceed to reunite and hit another home run is nothing but awe-inspiring. The words and narrative of Lemire have given Sorrentino and Stewart an incredible scaffolding to showcase an endless thrilling world that has me itching for the next issue.

9.9 “Communications” out of 10

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