Saga #41 Review

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan / Artist: Fiona Staples / Image Comics

Picking up on the delightful weirdness that is Prince Robot’s drug induced suicide attempt, Alana is still very pregnant and very much in a predicament of not having the burden of watching former royalty blow his circuits out and bequeath his kid to her. Marko comes in to some “the fuck is this” type of shit and…it only gets more unusual from there. Thankfully. This issue was about resourcefulness and everyone doing things they didn’t want to do, but must to survive. Hazel has basically taken up trauma as a life coach as she continually is exposed to violence on a visceral level. The March has finally found a thread to pull on and is in pursuit of our lovable family unit, still wanting to take Hazel alive (and eliminate everyone else).

We’re also briefly treated to a reunion of sorts between the bounty hunter formerly know as The Will, Gwendolyn, Sophia and Lying Cat. It’s a tough panel that pulled some unexpected emotional heft from me, especially in its resolution. We have watched the fall of The Will in heartbreaking fashion and this didn’t dissuade that narrative at all. Like Hazel, its been interesting to watch Sophia grow up and mature, and it’s put on full display here, even for a few short panels.


This incredible looking book continues to look incredible. Nothing new to report here. The aforementioned reunion is especially poignant as Staples does a great job complimenting the dialogue with a real empathetic tone, including facial expressions and body language that is subtle and appropriate. The showdown with The March looks great too, through all the surprising moments of that scene.

Our heroes solve one problem, but haven’t solved the big problem of their planet heading into a Timesuck (which is all kinds of disturbing). I have no idea how they have kept the momentum feeling like it is always moving forward through 40+ issues, but Saga continues to feel like a comic you can’t let fall off your pull list.

9.1 Planet Baby Heads out of 10

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