Selector Infected WIXOSS: Yu-Gi-Oh meets Magical Girls

selector infected WIXOSS is basically what happens if you put Yu-Gi-Oh! and the Magical Girl genre in a blender and then the blender malfunctions and spits out something so different yet so beautiful at the same time. Don’t drink that shake though. selector infected WiXOSS is an anime and manga about a card game for all ages. It is said that there are special cards called “LRIG Cards,” which are character cards with souls and minds of their own. If you happen to find one of these cards in a pack that you purchase that means you become a “Selector” and must battle against other selectors for the right to become “The Eternal Girl” and have your wish granted.

So that’s the basic plot summary of the show, with no spoilers of course because you should all know by now that I keeps this thang spoiler free. There are two versions of the card game in the world: the regular card game that the normal people play, and the “Eternal Girl” battles that the Selectors play. Got it memorized? Anyway, selector infected WIXOSS revolves around Ruko Kominato who has just gotten into the WIXOSS card game and ends up finding one of the “special cards” in her deck and becomes a Selector. Ruko learns how to play from her grandmother, whom she also lives with, and her friends. The special character in her card is named Tama because for some reason that’s all she ever says. Tama also likes to say “BATTLE” a lot so she’s just an all around spunky little thing, isn’t she?


So here is where the Yu-Gi-Oh! aspect comes in. You know how sometimes when characters would duel they’d go into their own little realm? Well take that and multiply it by how many times Naruto says “Believe it” and you’d get the selector infected WIXOSS battleground. So when Selectors fight they get transported into a dimension where people who aren’t Selectors can’t go to. The actual battleground also changes according to the relationship and the feelings of the combatants so it could go from looking and feeling like a calm grassy field to feeling like a dark abyss of… well… darkness. The battles can feel intense or fun depending on the battleground and that just adds to the great tone that this show has. It also has a smackerel of Magic: The Gathering in its battles because different colored decks usually have their own theme to them and have their own different play-styles.


This show takes the Puella Magi Madoka Magica route. Meaning that it takes the Magical Girl genre and adds some serious psychological stuff to it. While the WIXOSS card game in the show is for all ages and is super fun, this anime/manga might not be for some, so be warned. Now while I say that it takes the route of Madoka Magica this show shouldn’t be compared to it. The only real similarity is that it’s a darker magical girl kind of story, so don’t think this is just a clone of Madoka Magica.


This anime was great in my opinion and was a surprise hit. The characters all have a realness to them that adds to the tone of the show. These Selectors battle for their wishes to come true and during the course of this show you will be wishing right along with them and feeling what they feel. Their happiness, their fear, their hope, these are all real emotions that I think are expressed extremely well in this show. So I can’t stress this enough WATCH SELECTOR INFECTED WIXOSS. Oh and don’t forget your tissues. You might need some.


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