Jupiter’s Legacy #2 Review

“Superheroes were the summit of American aspiration and so our children grew up to remind mankind of everything we could ever hope to be.”

Writer: Mark Millar / Artist: Frank Quitely / Image Comics

While revisiting this outstanding series, it’s made clear that at its core, Jupiter’s Legacy is a re-imagining of the imperfect superhero, or in this case, the super family. Miller does an amazing job of depicting what the real-world implications would be if history was graced with its first group of superheroes and what that would mean for future generations. Catch yourself up on the Issue #1 review here.

In this issue, we find Brandon trying to impress his father by participating in some civilian assistance. Only problem is Brandon, his boy Shockwave, and the crew are doing this after throwing back like 50 shots at the bar, which inevitably results in The Utopian flying in to save the day and verbally beast on his disgrace of a successor.

Quick Side note: I can’t decide if it’s hilarious, odd, or a testament to today’s generation of therapy and psychology that Brandon and Chloe both have already internalized their therapist’s evaluation that they’re both so fucked up in the head because of their parents’ perfect lives and aspirations.

Alright enough with the CNBC analytics.

Chloe wakes up in the hospital following her drug-fueled blackout session. The doctor tells her that she’s fine and the baby’s fine and the whaaatttttt? Yup. She had no idea she was sniffin for two. Not only that, but we find out that line about Chloe only liking bad boys ain’t no hoopla. Shorty wifed up to the son of the greatest villain to ever do it!

This issue really starts to dive into the strained relationship between psychic phenom Walter and The Utopian, whose unapologetic, alpha-hero attitude sets in motion a pivotal change for this world. Walter believes they were given powers to help everyone and everything, including assisting politicians make decisions to rid the world of unemployment and the ages-old infrastructure that no longer applies and is holding the human race back. The Utopian is absurdly stuck in the 20th century and wants the experts, who are witnessing the world crumble around them, to stick to politics and handle these affairs. The power struggle is so real, but also so very nonexistent, that the tension is insanely palpable and we are sure to see it all go down before this series is through.

Jupiter’s Legacy really heats up in Issue 2. We get 3 huge revelations that are sure to have vast implications for the rest of the series:
1) Chloe being pregnant with the first grandchild of the family.
2) Chloe dating the son of the most villainous dude to ever do it.
3) Brandon and Uncle Walter want The Utopian out of the way and have enough hatred for the man to meet up and devise a plan to overthrow him.

Score: 9 out of 10

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