Sex Criminals #21 Review

Writer: Matt Fraction / Artist: Chip Zdarsky / Image Comics

Whenever Sex Criminals reappears after a long hiatus, the week instantly gets better. We’re privy to John’s life six months post breakup and he’s doing alright. Homie is always in Cum World because he’s working at the actual Cum World now. Cum World is now the apple of the sex toy industry which is hilarious.

John has a new apartment and a roommate. A Black woman named Polly and there’s a great double entendre that can be made with her name in regards to her relationships but I’ll save it for y’all to figure out.

Meanwhile on the other siiiiiiide

If we flip the script to Suzie, she’s got her own things going on as well. Life is simple now but maybe a bit boring according to her friend, Rachel. There are other interactions and status shake changes throughout the issue between characters too that I’ll keep quiet on for now. Let’s just say when you live in a small town, you gotta run into your ex at some point.

The overall plot moves forward this issue as well. John is still with the gang plotting on Kegel Face so don’t get it twisted. Only a few things changed in that regard. Fraction’s writing of interactions and coincidences is what makes him so unique as a writer, especially when it comes to dialogue.

Those sexy ass criminals still got it

That talent is magnified when paired with Chip Zdarsky’s artwork. Every look means something between characters when Chip is focusing on body language and facial expressions. I’m not sure if there’s any artist on par with Chip when it comes to drawing ridiculous and hilarious scenes either. He can flip between comedic and heavy visual storytelling uniquely, and dude deserves more credit for that because he’s earned it.

Sex Criminals feels more and more like a sitcom than your typical comic book, which works well for the series. It’s not a show about nothing (Seinfeld), it’s a book about sex, sex education, feminism, mental health, getting these jokes off, witty dialogue, and only occasionally nothing.

8.8 “well one of us has to change” looks out of 10
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