She Said Destroy #3 Review

She Said Destory #3 Cover

Words: Joe Corallo / Art: Liana Kangas / Colors: Rebecca Nalty / Letters: Melanie Ujimori / Vault Comics

The invasion by Brigid on the Fey has started, The Morrigan has shown herself to a special witch and the story continues. There’s a string of disagreements and tensions between the witches on how to fight the invaders and young Winona has come around with a vision.

Art wise, the later half of this book featured plenty of action scenes that could have used more polish yet were still more vibrant and lettered to a T. The art style that does mostly fine without so much details falls flat towards the end of the book yet in this issue there are a handful of single scenes–most of them having to do with spells and they are a visual treat: the-melting-the-skin-off your-skull and blasting people away type of deal.

This issue does reveal some story that piggy backs to the backstory of these two sisters, gods in name and power that we learned last issue: both The Morrigan and Brigid grew apart…and distance grew between them. Disagreements on order and power, relevancy and adaptation in the newer eras newer fences that grew between them and grew tall fast. Winona appears to be very important so far, a type of chosen vessel for the The Morrigan yet this issue was a bit too slowly paced to get into the right sync.

I’m struggling with what the addition of this issue brings to the overall narrative. If the cover’s image is to be a hint at anything, issue number three of She Said Destroy brings a look at the sun god Brigid and to whom she shows comfort and instructs. I did like the poetic opening of this issue on Brigid’s ship and the emphasis on her side, her infantry, along with more time spent fleshing out her right-hand person, Vrixton–even if if were just a taste.

7.9 Quiet Transformations Out of 10

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