Writer: Brian Michael Bendis / Artist: Nico Leon / Marvel Comics

Finally, we get back to that fucking good-good this issue. We got Luke Cage and Jessica Jones appearing in this issue of Spider-Man and it is glory from start to finish. Bendis’ is having Miles go through a crash course of keeping-your-identity-secret-101. That’s been a major issue for me as well cause Miles stay having his mask off like it’s 7 O’clock on the dot and he in the drop top cruisin’ the streets. I’m surprised his shit ain’t up on CNN, man. Peter Parker did that in Civil War I so you wouldn’t have to Miles. Bendis really has Luke and Jessica steal the show this issue, we get so much insight into their parenting style with their own child Danielle that it’s really unique to see them interacting with a kid that isn’t theirs. This was easily my favorite part of the issue and felt like we getting back to Bendis when he on his real rap raw comic book storytelling shit.

Jessica telling Miles everything due to the unique situation of knowing his secret and being hired by his Grams is hilarious. Nico Leon murdered the entirety of this issue visually as well. We see Miles freaking out as he learns about how and why Jones came to discover his identity and that’s what really makes this issue. We see a huge load of facial expressions via stress, anger, and frustrations through Mile’s mask which is no easy feat to pull off. I loved it, it felt like Nico fit on with this book instantly as well with no rough transition. The art is smooth and the colors pop, the detail is the filling in the pie (I’m not a fan of icing on cake. Apple pies all day). As much responsibility as Miles has being Spider-Man it’s moments like the following that he is still very much a young adult and rookie in the superhero community.


Again Luke and Jessica fucking shine in this book. I’d be remiss to not touch on the “don’t mess up” line Luke says toward Miles in regards to being the kid of color thats the most subtle race bullet point we’ve seen in the book. We then deal with portions of Civil War as well in the later half of the book. The main scheduling of Civil War II is still wonky so the timeline is a bit weird, but we see Miles before and after Bruce Banner got knocked. This is really a big deal for the young heroes if you think about it because death is one thing to witness but seeing another hero die, the way Bruce died is an entirely different thing. They are growing up real fast and having to make some real choices as well, like what side they want to be on knowing what they know now.

I really enjoyed this issue and it was a much needed win for team Bendis because the race talk shit is killing me, fam. And it always happens on the even numbered issues that I review while Will gets to fuckin sit back lookin’ with the odd numbered issues he review lookin at me like, “sucks to be you”. I’m glad to see Bendis back on that trap house story telling he excels at. This issue felt long too which I liked; Bendis was able to get a lot into this issue as if it was just a busy day for Miles and it worked very well. This is probably my favorite Civil War tie-in and even issue of this series’ run so far.

9.6 Memes of The Rock shouting “Focus!” out of 10

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