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Are you a Halloween fanatic like me? I can’t get enough of apple cider, candy, orange lights, and spooky flicks this season! (I’m just a teensy bit obnoxious during October.) I also am totally obsessed with tuning up my wardrobe to embrace my spooktacular self. While getting outfitted, I came across some lovely items that could help you for the rest of the month of The Big Pumpkin (and all year round). It’s not too late to embrace your witchyness! I have compiled a list of small-businesses owned by POC for you to indulge yourself with terrifyingly cute clothes, accessories, and collectibles! Please enjoy this list and shop till you drop (hopefully not into a coffin).

Splendid Rain Co

Do yourself a favor and go through this creator’s work. It’s pensive and eye-watching, and their Halloween collection is no different. They will help remind people that bullshit will not tolerated, especially on one of the intense nights of the year.
Where to shop: www.splendidrain.co

Sweet Bitz

The CEO is such a sweetheart — we’ve interviewed them in the past — and they regularly come out with the sweetest (literally) designs. Make sure to snag some of her latest items in her Halloween collection, especially if you are a pastel goth cutie!
Where to shop: sweetbitz.net/

BeeNerdish Crafts

Now, I know I’m an adult but I can’t deny I have a plushie addiction. What better piece to add to my collection than this ADORABLE Pumpkin Bulbasaur?? Make sure you pick one up for yourself this Fall, because they might not be in stock for awhile!
Where to shop: BeeNerdishCrafts on Etsy

Adorned by Chi

AoC is a LEGEND. Her work and aesthetic is just so soothing to the eyes (check out her interview if you think I’m lying). Make sure to pick up some of her clothes that will help you look super adorable on Halloween night. It’s sure to make all the other cat whisperers jealous!
Where to shop: adornedbychi.com/

The Contresens

CALLING ALL WEREWOLVES AND WEREPANTHERS!!!! Need something to spice up your jewelry looks on full moons? The Contresens has got you covered with some terrifyingly delightful collars! They have endearing baubles on them too, so your neck will be the focus of more than just a douchey vampire!
Where to shop: The Contresens on Etsy

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