Star-Lord #1 Review

Writer: Chip Zdarsky / Artist: Kris Anka / Marvel Comics

[quote_simple]”Waited for luck it never landed (Nah)
Stuck on your block, forever stranded (Yeah)”-Jadakiss[quote_simple]

Chip Zdarsky switched his pen game from art to writing so that we could get Peter Quill’s side of things in his latest solo series. Zdarsky is a fuckin’ humorous dude if you’re familiar with his projects, and here we see him not only bring humor but also the complexities of being lonely and an outcast on your home planet, as is the case for Peter Quill. You may or may not have been following what’s been happening with Guardians of the Galaxy, but all you need know is that their ship has blown up and everyone is now stuck on Earth. The team is strained in regards to friendships right now as well. We’re getting a series that focuses on Star-Lord having to get reacquainted with a home he never truly knew and not having the option of returning to space where he is most comfortable, wandering from adventure to adventure.


Zdarsky gets us started from jump with Quill not having many contacts in his phone and those he knows not wanting to be bothered with him. After a run in with his ex-fiancé Kitty Pryde (which didn’t make him look great) and a run in with Old Man Logan (which kinda made him look worse) we’re seeing Quill alone and feeling as if he’s such a burden on everyone else. We don’t see him feel at home until another run-in with Old Man Logan. There is a turn in their second meeting that’s a good bait and switch with the usual hero meet-up tropes. This is an odd couple to be paired together, but Zdarsky makes it makes sense throughout the book and Kris Anka makes it evident with his visuals.

Anka does a great job displaying just how downtrodden Quill is emotionally, as well as his Jack Sparrow-esque devil may care attitude at times. The interactions between S.W.O.R.D.’s agent Brand and Quill are hilarious throughout the book, and Anka is able to display just how out of touch Quill is on Earth as well as highlighting key elements during fight scenes. Anka is Zdarsky work well together getting this story across as they slowly build the world for Quill with his new reality of being stranded on Earth.


We can tell there’s more on the horizon for Quill as well as his past coming into play. There’s remnants from the previous Guardians series that will be addressed this series, which appears evident. This is a good creative team to display Quill out of his comfort zone and dealing with what threats may come.

8.8 Awkward Run-Ins out of 10

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