Star Wars #11 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron / Artist: Stuart Immonen / Marvel

We’ve been here before, fam. At this point, there’s really no point in my going through the obligatory introduction paragraph where I sell you on how Jason Aaron has been killing it with his work on the flagship book of the New Extended Star Wars universe. We should really be at the part where it’s just a foregone conclusion that Star Wars is one of the best comics in the game right now. If you’re not reading this book, I begin to question our friendship.

Now that we’ve established that some of you are on the ball and some of you need to catch up, down to business. This week, Luke Skywalker, unwilling guest of Grakkus the Hutt, is thrown into the lion’s den (or whatever that thing is). There’s some plot progression here, but it serves its purpose about the same as last week. I mean, it’s just not old school Star Wars if Luke Skywalker isn’t knee deep in trouble he’s not ready for. Also, three issues of bickering between Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Han’s maybe/maybe not estranged wife, Sana, finally starts to come to a head. It’s the shortest exchange of the issue, but also the strongest.


There’s a panel in particular of Han trying to straighten things out where you get a sincere portrait of a less-than-reputable guy who’s done his share of dirt, but really didn’t mean to break anyone’s heart despite the damage already done. I know it sounds like I just described your average Drake album, but it really was an effective moment. But the “Real MVP” award goes to Chewbacca and C-3PO for the most unlikely of team-up battles. And as awesome as Aaron’s characterizations and pacing have been thus far, Stuart Immonen still manages to hog the spotlight like Kanye West doing a best man speech at your wedding. The energy in his action beats are just so kinetic and intense, the fights in this issue are consistently savage and excited.

Bottom Line: Whether you’re a long time SW fan or someone just looking for a fix until Episode 7 drops, this is one of the strongest comic experiences you can hope for at the moment.

9 Appletinis from Mos Eisley out of 10.

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