Writer: Greg Pak; Artists: A. Barrionuevo, T. Palmer, R. Redmond / Marvel Comics

How’s this for a cover with some serious current relevance? You can almost see Ororo’s #BlackLivesMatter sign just off-screen. But the cover is only the beginning. Storm isn’t like regular people, and spending the next 6 months beating a trumped-up charge isn’t in her future.

It is on.

Storm’s been attacked, framed, and now arrested. But in her own words:

We get a glimpse of some of the other X-Men in this issue, as not only Beast, but also Nightcrawler and Rachel Grey play support to Storm’s investigation into who tried to down that plane and why. Is it as cut and dried as a member of Yukio’s Four Clans crime syndicate trying to bump off the competition? Or does this all go deeper? We’re into a multi-issue plot arc now y’all, and that makes this fan very happy.

This issue also brings us references to many of the previous issues as Marisol from #1, Forge from #3, and the people of Santo Marco all express their frustration at Storm’s incarceration by hitting the streets in a mass protest.

Storm outsmarts and outfights the FBI (that never seems to be that hard in comic books…) using her protesting allies to her best advantage, and officially goes rogue. This is an appropriate flashback to one of her last conversations with Wolverine, back in #2.

But Storm brings her own sense of responsibility to the freedom of breaking the rules, continuing to drive home her own struggles with letting her powers off the leash. While I like that struggle, I’m really looking forward to her opening the entire can of rage on some people. This issue ends in Louisiana, perhaps setting us up for this?


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