Soft Moments for Black Women: Storm’s Date Night & Freakum Dress

Al Ewing Been Giving Storm the Shine and Serve She Deserves

I’ve said this before but it bears repeating, especially here. The first kiss I remember seeing in comic books was between Ororo Munroe (Storm, if you nasty) and Daniel Lone DesertEagle (Forge, if you techie). The image of Storm, a Black woman, being intimate with Forge, a Native man, is the image of romance that sits above the fireplace in my mind. I say that to say this: it’s not often in comics where we get to see a Black woman having a moment of softness and intimacy without being over sexualized, a plot device to move a male character’s story to be moved further, or just to have the rug taken out from underneath. Storm is the first Black woman, dark skinned Black woman at that, I saw have this moment in a comic book. I’ve always loved that for her.

Now all these years later after having seen Storm married, divorced (looks into camera like Mr. Eddie from Abbott Elementary), and single again, we get to see not only an incredibly soft but cute moment for Storm in Al Ewing and Jacopo Camagni’s work in X-Men: Red #11. Al Ewing has been writing Storm with the best characterization in years. We’ve seen her become Regent of Sol, Queen of Arakko, scrapping in the mud, and stepping to Uranos (an Eternal so bad he had to be jailed underneath the jail). Storm has been on a hell of a run leading, supporting community, and being the ‘IT’ girl on Arakko. Now, she finally gets time to breathe with an incredibly cute date night with Craig (Marshall) of NASA.

Storm sitting down with Craig Marshall

For those that don’t know, when Arakko was attacked by Uranos, Craig (a human soil scientist from NASA) was willing to lay his life down to protect two Arakki children, Loolo and Kobb right before Storm and her council members saved the day. Not only did Storm see that, then declare Craig of Arakko, apparently plans for a date were made as well. The look on Craig’s face as he stares into the sky at Storm’s arrival tells us all we need to know. Yeah, we get that slice of life moment right here. Al Ewing has done wonders with Storm in making her more than just one of X-Men’s big guns. However, it’s the little moments that humanize Storm and make her not only lovable but relatable as well. We’ve seen Storm take out an entire space armada’s air supply, she’s thrown hands with deities, and shank people, but look at ya girl turning into Land O’ Lakes (I’m talking about the butter) over Craig’s smile and the notion of him flirting with her.

It’s nice to see Storm have someone of her own that isn’t connected to the X-Men or Wakanda, especially someone that isn’t even a hero or with any powers. When Storm was married to T’Challa, Xavier told her she would be a shining beacon for mutant and human relations. It’s interesting that here, a decade removed from that position, Craig Marshall talks about how he hoped Krakoa’s foundation would be a chance for humans to see the good that mutants bring. Also, man is an entire Storm fan. That man is smitten but not afraid to flirt it out respectfully. To me, it’s nice to see Storm being the one catered to. We’ve seen her be T’Challa’s equal, yes but a lot of the times (post break up) she has been T’Challa’s supporter, confidant, advisor, and believer, right? Here we have Storm being able to be herself, without the weight of a highly political relationship with someone that is respectfully punching above his weight as well as adoring her from the outside looking in.

Storm eating with Craig Marshall

Also, let’s be real. As of now, you can count the number of Black couples in Marvel Universe on one hand. We don’t get to see a moment like this too often centering two (dark-skinned) Black characters or POC characters often. Getting to be in Storm’s head then privy to her moments of uncertainty, being flirtatious, blushing, fem, and most importantly human… well, homosuperior. Again, Al Ewing has brought not only the right amount of fight, strife, and challenge to Storm’s further development as a character, but he’s also highlighted that this is a Black woman doing the most on the regular. So here is what Storm, a whole goddess, looks like when she gets time for herself to have some tranquility and softness.

I do hope I was able to nail the importance of this moment Storm is having. Again, it’s one we need to see Black characters, especially women, being allowed to have more of. This is truly a special moment for Miss Ororo Munroe.

Now Let’s Talk About Storm’s Evening Attire

*Dabs face with a towel while turning up Lipstick Lover*

My mutant, Storm just murdered any fit we’ll see at the Hellfire Gala 2023 with a date night dress. Yall don’t hear me tho, artist Jacopo Camagni turned Storm’s light bill into a whole freakum dress. I need to know what the other options Storm sent to the group chat for this date were because she came down like this shit is light work…as if she just stepped off a Savage X Fenty showcase.

Now, if this is a Jumbo Carnation creation, mans peaked. Hang his jersey up in the rafters right now because what the fuck is possibly topping this? I have physically lost the ability to write right now. I cannot. I can’t. Listen, I’m telling yall right now I can’t be held responsible for what’s about to come outta my mouth but just know, whatever it is that I say… I mean that shit.

Storm Talking With Craig Marshall

Look, I’ma jus say it…
Storm got them Janelle Monáes out on display.
Storm got them thangs coolin’ sittin’ on the windowsill like sweet potato pies.
Storm got her bra taking a night off on the bedroom floor cause that’s not the kinda support she needs.
Storm got one sneeze, cough, or giggle jiggle before Craig Marshall looks for the server to ask for the check.
Storm brought a full course meal (hair, face, body) to a full course meal (Charcuterie, Lobster, Crème brûlée).

Miss Ororo Munroe found a mutant on Arakko with the ability to perfectly align both cateyes.
Miss Ororo Munroe didn’t bring her Black card because the points on the face card pay for all.
Miss Ororo Munroe did not come to play on this date, she is rocking lightning bolt door knockers, yall (Harlem!).
Miss Ororo Munroe got the Kuwabara pompadour, business in the front and bad bish in the back.

This man Craig Marshall across the table giving Storm the “Hell yeah, I suck toes.” eyes
Craig Marshall is ready to Boyz II Men croon and serenade this woman on this here beach.
Craig Marshall said he trying to find out what that weekly weather forecast do.
Craig Marshall said he ain’t here for a slight chance of rain, he here for the down pour.

My mutant! You ain’t ever seen this level of fashion for a date night dress before in your life. The gala goes wherever Storm goes friend. Your favorite could never fave, bookmark, or have enough gall to even look at the lewks of Storm. The girlies ain’t got enough cardio for the amount of times Storm had to jump to get in this dress right here. This dress is only to be addressed as with the blasphemy of a “Gawd-dayum” because ya girl is working, but this dress ain’t a nine to five. Oh no, this dress big business. This dress is a whole corporation with Storm as the employee, COO, CFO, and CEO, that spends her days LHFAO’ing at anyone thinkin’ they could possibly fuck with it.

Storm put at least six people in the ground from how hard they broke they necks to get a double take, three are still in critical condition. Yall ain’t got enough bad bish energy to even attempt to power this dress like Storm. Her dress has its own power grid, fam. Yall don’t hear me, Storm pulled up to a date rocking a thunderstorm on fabric while smelling like Rum Cake and Let’s Jam hair gel Who does that? A fucking Icon, that’s who.

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