Ahead of Snowpiercer‘s May 17th premiere, we had a chance to sit down and talk to Jaylin Fletcher who stars as Miles, one of the principle characters of the series. We talk about the show, his character, and more in this interview.

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BlackNerdProblems: Right off the bat, how would you describe Snowpiercer and your character Miles and his role in the series?

Jaylin Fletcher: Snowpiercer is about the last remnants of humanity living in a frozen wasteland. And they’re all on a train surviving, circling around the world. And if they stop, they’re all doomed.

My character Miles, he plays the mole on the train. He’s one of the kids on the tail end of the train and got to move up the train because of apprenticeship, and he’s able to go to the front of the train and get information from the front to Layton, played by Daveed Diggs, to help and try and formulate a plan to start a revolution.

BNP: Cool. Did you watch the original movie or read the graphic novel before you started the series, or did you go in fresh?

Jaylin: I’ve watched the movie at least five times over. It’s a really good movie to me. I just don’t like the gory scenes. I don’t like the blood. Yeah, but it’s a really good movie.

BNP: What spoke to you about it?

Jaylin: Well, I have to say Chris Evans ’cause he played Captain America, and I love superheroes. And also the fact… it’s like… it’s a really moving story about how civilization really is, and it tells you a lot.

BNP: Before Snowpiercer, you have several recent comedic credits on your filmography, so what was the transition in genres like? Was it jarring, was it natural, were you ready for something this dramatic?

Jaylin: Well, I have actually a lot of drama shows under my belt, but I didn’t really know how to do drama at first but with the help of my acting coach I got really good at, and I was able to understand the characters a lot more.

BNP: What did that process look like?

Jaylin: Well, we did a lot of research on trains and engineers and math calculations. We basically created a backstory for Miles.

BNP: So out of the characters you’ve played, which ones were most similar to you and which ones with most dissimilar to you?

Jaylin: I’d have to say that my character Kai in my new show Clickbait is way more similar to me than Miles.

But the least similar character is probably Scooter, because I really didn’t grow up like him.

BNP: So, Miles is kinda in between for you?

Jaylin: Yes. I’d say that I’m smart and intelligent like him, a little bit. But he’s way more intelligent than me.

BNP: So, you don’t want to be an engineer like he does?

Jaylin: No. Not really. I’m not that into trains, even though trains are really cool. Like if you learn how they run, it’s pretty cool.

BNP: What hobbies do you do when you’re not acting?

Jaylin: Definitely playing video games. Basketball… any type of sport actually. I don’t really like tennis though or golf… it doesn’t really involve skill if I’m being honest. Oh, and I dance.

BNP: Follow up questions, favorite games, and what type of dance?

Jaylin: So, favorite games have to be Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox. And the type of dancing I do is mainly hip-hop. I took a couple ballet classes here and there… I didn’t really like it.

BNP: But you love hip-hop a lot-

Jaylin: -I definitely do.

BNP: Any favorite rappers?

Jaylin: I really like Logic. I knew him before he was famous famous. His songs were and are amazing still. I love his flow and his cadence. And Daveed Diggs, his flow is insane. I really like his stuff.

BNP: I know we can’t spoil anything about the series yet, but was there any particular episode you’re really excited about?

Jaylin: Well, you can see on my Instagram my hair looks like it cut. And that’s was before one of my favorite scenes to shoot and I liked wearing my hair like that, but it took a lot of effort.

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BNP: How was the costuming process?

Jaylin: It was difficult, but the tiny details really made the show look a lot better and made it feel more real to me?

BNP: Any fun stories behind the scenes when you weren’t filming or between takes?

Jaylin: Well, me and Daveed used to make beats with each other, and I used to dance to them so that was pretty fun. He would also sing a lot, and I’d join in with him and he’d be like “how do you know this song?” and I was like “My parents.”

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BNP: What was your favorite song you got to sing during these breakout sessions?

Jaylin: Old school songs from the 80’s… I’d have to say probably “‘No Diggity.”

BNP: So, anything you want to say to the readers of Black Nerd Problems?

Jaylin: Stay positive. Stay positive through this quarantine thing. I know coronavirus is scary, but if you stay home you can help a lot of people. And yeah… follow the dream.

And remember to check our out review of the first season of Snowpiercer here and be ready for the series premiere, May 17th on TNT.

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