The Beginner’s Primer to the ‘A Sign of Affection’ Anime Coming January 2024

Log line:

A love story begins between Yuki, a college girl who is deaf, and Itsuomi, her world-traveling upperclassman. 

Who Created it:

As I wrote before when I praised this manga creating duo: In the modern age of Shojo, suu Morishita truly is one of the hardest working and most relevant creators in the game. The duo originally met in high-school and were classmates. Makiro creates the storyboard/layouts (writer), and Nachiyan illustrates the story. Among manga readers, they are perhaps best known for their polished art style of their books and the very engaging, layered stories of their characters.

What is it About:

A Sign of Affection revolves around Yuki: a first-year college student, whose world revolves around her friends, social media, and the latest sales. She’s happily exploring the world by way of her college classes, the new people she’s meeting on and off campus, and even considers a part-time job. A chance encounter on a train leads to her meeting fellow student Itsuomi-san and her world starts to widen. 

© Morishita suu, Kodansha/Yubisaki to Renren Production Committee
Who Would this Appeal to:
  • Fans of the original manga, of course
  • Fans of the Shojo and Shojosei genres
  • Folks interested in anime featuring a polyglot
  • Folks interested in anime featuring a hearing impaired character
  • Folks interested in Japanese sign language and/or folks who already speak it
  • Folks looking for a new anime with a slice of life feel
  • Fans of a romance centering slightly older people–out of high school
Where Can I Read it:

You can read the English translated original ongoing manga series as it is being published through Kodansha (Available both in print and digital releases) The company licensed and released the manga digitally in 2020, released the manga’s first volume in print in February 2021, and the eighth volume will be released in 2024. The manga series has sold some 3.8 million copies in circulation (including digital) for vols 1-10, back in its native country! According to Anime News Network, the  manga was nominated for Best Shōjo Manga in the Annual Kodansha Manga Awards in 2021, 2022, and 2023. The manga also inspired a musical stage play adaptation in 2021.

© Morishita suu, Kodansha/Yubisaki to Renren Production Committee
Who are Some Important Characters I Should Know About:

Yuki: a first-year college student, who is happily exploring the world by way of her college classes, the new people she’s meeting on and off campus, and even considers a part-time job. College is a perfect opportunity for her to not just learn more about the world but be a part of it. She’s so excited to go out on her own, be with others and just be present, whether it is on campus, at a local bar, or commuting. A chance encounter on a train leads to her meeting fellow student Itsuomi-san and her world starts to widen. 

Itsumi: a globe-trotting young man who can speak three languages, sign language isn’t one of them.  He’s curious, not put off by her and eventually drawn to her and her expressions and the way she “speaks” with her hands, through sign language. An upperclassman on their campus, he comes and goes abroad and comes back with many stories. He’s a tall, good-looking guy who looks to make girls swoon over him. As someone who stands out in a crowd, his friendship turned to romance with Yuki raises a lot of eyebrows. He doesn’t mind, aloof most times, Itsumi dances to the beat of his own drum, which adds to his charm.

What to Expect?

As I noted in my trailer reaction write up: The way these two are drawn to each other and how Itsuomi yearns to get to know Yuki and learn Japanese sign language is easily one of the most impactful manga series that I’ve come across in such a long time. Watching these two learn how to communicate, the budding feelings between them has been such an intimate and thrilling read and hearing an anime adaptation means the world to me. Seeing more hearing-impaired disabled characters in anime is always welcomed!

A Sign of Affection is full of real-life details about Japanese sign language and living without hearing. I love that audiences will get to see how creative Yuki is in how she communicates to others and the challenges she faces. To me, the core of this series is the value and importance of communication. There are a few languages spoken in the original work through Itsuomi: he’s a polygot, of course. There’s Japanese, the language both he and Yuki speak. There’s Japanese sign language that Yuki knows, and slowly teaches the young man who enters her life one snowy day.

Yuki communicates mostly through Japanese sign language, and Itsuomi jumps at the chance to start learning how to sign to not only be able to speak with her and to, eventually, show how much he adores her. A Sign of Affection has such coming-of-age vibes in a series about communication and the pursuit of finding the words, the signs–to show the person you adore most–that you care for them. Simply put, A Sign of Affection illustrates that connection is important and trying to understand others is the key. A Sign of Affection defines what modern day Shojo is in my books and this adaptation will be watched day one it airs!


A Sign of Affection is coming to Crunchyroll in 2024 🤟✨ #ASignofAffection #animenews #trailer

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Based on the manga by Suu Morishita (Like a Butterfly), A Sign of Affection is being directed by Yuta Murano (Kakushigoto) at studio Ajiado, with series composition by Yoko Yonaiyama (Ya Boy Kongming!), character designs by Kasumi Sakai and music by Yukari Hashimoto (Komi Can’t Communicate).

The anime’s main cast is as follows:

The A Sign of Affection anime is scheduled to air on January 6, 2024.

See more information of the anime’s official website and X (Twitter) account.

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