The First Fantastic Four Trailer Has Finally Arrived

After months and months of controversial news, racist trolling of Michael B Jordan, Marvel’s tantrum, debates over the value of the source material and just general speculation, the first Fantastic Four trailer is here. First thought? It looks like a cross between Interstellar and Sunshine (both of which completely fall apart in the third act by the way, let’s hope that’s not a trend). After the actors and actresses have been basically bragging that this would be unlike any other superhero film, we shouldn’t be surprised that it doesn’t look like a superhero film at all, but rather like a localized version of Prometheus. It has a seriously hard sci-fi edge to it which in most cases, I would love. Does it work for a comic book movie though?

Maybe. I mean, one of the reasons that movies and TV shows are looking for every comic book adaptable story they can find is because people love that type of flick and yet, it would be nice to have something different from the typical comic book hero tropes in a flick. I guess. I’m really trying here folks.

We should be honest about something here, comic book peeps: Fantastic Four is one of the most difficult stories to “modernize” and stay true to the source. You can tell that Josh Trank and company wanted to go completely away from the campiness of the Fantastic Four and their previous films and I get that. Those movies were terrible and pre the “we can make these movies enjoyable for adults and kids alike” rebirth of comic book movies. But what is missing in this trailer thus far is the humor and family feel of the Fantastic Four mythos as well. It basically looks like the depressing Iron Man 3 trailer version of Marvel’s First Family.

Still, teasers be teasers yo, and since this joint isn’t even two minutes long, I’m guessing we’ll get a better look in the near future. What are your thoughts on this first look of FF?


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  • David Bitterbaum

    I thought it looked more a trailer for some kind of sci-fi movie that has a horror-bent than a super-hero flick. That’s perfectly alright as “comic-book movies” as folks call them can be all sorts of genres–a space-comedy, an action-thriller, etc.

  • Romita

    The teaser looked like a background story as to how they came to be.

  • Rob Sturma

    I like how suddenly Josh Trank is talking about how they were inspired greatly by the Ultimate FF when the scuttlebutt on set was he didn’t want anyone reading any of the comics. This version of the trailer seems like a bit of trying to win back the hardcore fans at the zero hour:

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