The Flash Recap: Harry and the Harrisons

Season 4 / Episode 21, Harry and the Harrisons / The CW

And you say C-City!

From jump, the writers remember that Iris is more than the new leader of Team Flash. She’s also an investigator. She’s a truth seeker. Iris da Melanin GAWDESS about to expose DeVoe for the maniacal bastard that he is. Yea, they let us know early that reporter Iris back!!

S.T.A.R. Labs

The team thinks DeVoe’s got big plans for his intelligence zapping satellites. He’s gonna set them up in perfect position so that he can blast ayebody with the stupid juice. Fortunately they realize his movement has pretty much come to a halt, so something must be off. They’re left wondering why he hasn’t made a move when he has everything he needs. Nevertheless, the team comes up with a pretty solid plan to shut that shit down.

Friends in Low Places

They can’t use technology or sound-based attacks because Kilg%ore and Ralph’s powers negate all that, so they have to find an organic approach to take out megamind. Their solution: Amunet Black. Amunet’s dark matter-created metal shards can be combined to create a big enough projectile that they’ll be able to squash the brainwave frying satellites.

Elsewhere in the lab, Harry is pulling out all the stops on this quest to get his IQ back. He asks Cisco to call in the Counsel of Wells and you already know ridiculousness is bound to ensue. Dana Garvey Wells is brought in, but Harry fails to answer one of his questions right. This leads to Dana calling Harry a moron and kicking him off the squad of intellectuals who help other formidable intellectuals in their times of need. No more assistance from the counsel, but don’t worry Harry! Cisco got plans.

Caitlin and Barry pull up to Amunet’s old lair but the slug-face cyclops sidekick says Amunet’s been in the wind since the ARGUS deal went sour. They head back to the Lab, and together the team does some real deal recon and tracks down Amunet’s guvment name and get to searching. Why weren’t they able to get that birth certificate before this episode? Cuz the writers ain’t shit.

Before heading out, Barry pulls Iris aside to talk about her article and his fear of how the public might react. The soft music plays so we know it’s serious. She low key agrees to chill but also says she’s gonna keep goin when she gets more evidence.


Harry and Cisco out here hosting a Klumps dinner with all the new Harrisons running around. We got Matthew McConaughey Wells lookin stoned as can be. There’s Pepe Le Pew Wells eatin croissants, lookin stuck up artsy and absurd. Lastly, there’s Pacino Bambino Harrison lookin like every Yankees hat wearing, chicken parm eating, Brooklyn born son of an Italian immigrant. They all cool though and agree to help our boy get his intelligence back.

Central City Streets

Caitlin and Joe are on their Sherlock and Watson flow. They pull up to a bodega looking for Amunet aaaaand issa club. Well a gambling ring to be exact. Shorty in the back countin stacks and Joe whips out the badge (I’m convinced) just to see the poker roaches scatter. They get Amunet to come back and help the team. Kinda hard to argue with “You’ll be as dumb as rocks if you don’t help us.”

S.T.A.R. Labs

Amunet puttin her feet up on all the furniture. She in the crib with the jokes, calling out the Flash on his secret identity, and touchin shit like your 3-year-old nephew. The team hits her with the real. Methodical, power absorbing, genocidal killer got satellites ready to hit everyone on Earth with a Slowpoke psychic beam attack. She’s like, “I’m wit the shits…BUT imma need a helluva lot more of my metal shrapnel. Kilos fam. Thing is my stash spot got hit, but let’s check out the area and see if we peep anything.”

Before going, Cailtin pulls Amunet aside and convinces Ms. Iron Man to give Caitlin the splicer that she used to “fix” her a while back. But hookups don’t happen without a price. Caitlin agrees to do Amunet on favor once their brains aren’t turned to mush. Caitlin desperate fam. They head to the train yard where she keeps her stash and run some diagnostics on the way the thief got into the train car. After some hilarious guesses by Amunet, they find out venom is how someone got in. She realizes the substance must belong to Medusa eye, Norvok.

S.T.A.R. Labs

Joe calls out Caitlin for going just a tad too hard on finding Norvok and the stash. He storms out upset “Killer Frost is gone forever.” Cisco and Harry have a breakthrough after the Harrison squad visit. Harry might be able to help the team with a different, emotional angle.

Iris drops her article on Barry and he still shook it’s gonna cause a panic. She thinks the citizens need to arm themselves. Barry thinks it’s too risky, so she leaves the decision up to him. (Nah Iris, NAH) But I guess she feels it’s time for the Flash to put his faith in the people, like they always have done for him.

Venomous Villainy

Amunet and Caitlin are kickin it in the Pipeline and the truth finally comes out. The Splicer never worked. Killer Frost has been inside her the entire time. Amunet also realizes that she knows where Norvok is…which is selling all of her wild metallic alloy to some of Central City’s finest thugs in suits. Norvok with the good eye been holed up in the old underground deal fake out spot. This is also why Team Flash’s hacked satellites couldn’t pick up on the metal.

Flash comes in to shut shit down. He sends Medusa eye flying then does his typical ‘Flash gets bodied by someone he should’ve easily beaten’ thing. Norvok unleashes his Slytherin peeper and pumps Flash full of that Black Mamba mist. While Flash writhes in pain, snake face stalks Amunet, ready to take out his former capo. But with a little Team Flash assist, she gets her hand on her special metal and turns Norvok into the snake man in the iron mask. Amunet remembers she’s a villain and chucks up the dueces on Team Flash. Buuuuttt not before blessing Team Flash with a dark matter infused metal shrapnel bomb. She curtsies then metal hurricanes outta there.

To end the episode, they break out the violin music so Barry can tell his wife that she was right. He wants Cocoa Butter Kisses to drop that article and boy does she! They wake up in the middle of the night to her social media hotline blingin. The City want the static with DeVoe. They ain’t goin down without a fight.

Flash Facts

Back at the lab Harry tells the team he’s figured something out. He strains himself drawing 3 faces on the board. A happy DeVoe and a sad Marlize equaling a meh face. This is the reason DeVoe hasn’t popped off yet.

Was it me, or was the actress who plays Amunet on a whole nother level this episode? Her hair was mad rockstar, she was cackling at jokes, and shooting crazy eyes all over the place!

Joe and Caitlin go get a drink like partners who just caught a break on a big case. She buys a round and thanks Joe for being there for her, then she hits him with that status update. Killer Frost has always been there, she just has to dig deep to bring her out.

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